Jan 23, 2008

Net Audio Ads Pay-Per-Play

NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play is an exciting new way to offer advertising on your website.

Always looking for innovative ad streams on websites, I came across this Pay-Per-Play system of advertising and signed-up: http://www.sellingppp.com/a.cgi?ppp=1205662828

If you click on the long-copy sales letter link (http://www.sellingppp.com/details.cgi?ppp=1205662828), you'll see that NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play offers 5 second audio ads on your website that pays publishers 25% - often better than Google pays for Adsense. And, NetAudioAds pay-Per-Play pays on IMPRESSIONS - not on CLICKS! That's cool, because it's easier to predict.

It doesn't stop there... REFER YOUR FELLOW WEBMASTERS!

Also, if you REFER OTHERS into their ad system, you can go three levels deep and make money on it, too. I'll share my numbers once I can substantiate. Please report back in and let me know how this system works for you...

http://www.sellingppp.com/details.cgi?ppp=1205662828 __________________________________

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