Jan 7, 2008

Build A Great Brand, Part I

"Reach out and touch someone."

What do you think of when you hear that?

I just came across an article posted at A List Apart that I loved so much I had to share some key insights. It was about The Greatest Copy Shot Ever Written. Another word for Copy Shot is SLOGAN. And how many great brands are associated by their even GREATER slogans? I'd argue that almost ALL great brands have a great slogan.

Can you think of the brand when you hear these slogans?

"I am stuck on...xxxxxxx... and xxxxxxx's stuck on me."
"It's the real thing."
"You're in good hands."
"It's the xxxxx touch."
"Betcha can’t eat just one."
"We've got your butt covered."

"Good to the last drop."

Are you trying to come up with a great slogan? Want some guidelines to help you do it better?

Think of some of the best slogans you've ever heard:

You're in good hands with Allstate. (Allstate)
Just do it. (Nike)

Betcha can't eat just one... (Lays)

Don't leave home without it. (American Express)
Reach out and touch someone. (AT&T)
What are the components of these copy shots that make them great?

Well, this article digs through it, and comes up with the most declarative list of guidelines that make it clear, at least to me, what component strategies ought to be followed when developing a slogan:

Choice of style:

1. Use either clear and concise.
2. Use frivolous and witty (as long as it is clearly related).

All great copy shots should:

1. Be five words in length.
2. Not mention the brand name.
3. Be declarative.
4. Be grammatically complete.
5. Be otherwise standard.
5. Contain alliteration, metaphor, or rhyme.

Other ideas for copy shots that I found really interesting, include:

1. Repetition/parallelism—aggressive, straight-to-the-point, memorable, symmetrical
2. Metaphor/wordplay/polysemy—clever, mysterious, potentially irritating
3. Coinage—playful, obscure, silly, original
4. Rhetorical question—personal, inclusive, informal, potentially too marketing-ish

Want more ideas about slogans and copy shots?

Find them at the article about The Best Copy Shot Ever Written by Nick Padmore. It's worth the read, and I believe will help any marketer improve their ideas on ways to build their brand.

Also, there's a really fun (and potentially useful) tool here at Slogan Generator:


This is a free site that I use to help me brainstorm slogans. Or, you can hire me, and I'll help you dig into your slogan with even more tools and techniques like this and create the perfect slogan for your brand.

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