Feb 27, 2008

Email Marketing: More That Buy

My Lorman's Email Marketing Seminar in San Jose today was rescheduled. For those of you who were aching to learn about my content for this show, I've decided to post my slide show and review these slides in a webinar next week.

Although the talk was cancelled, you now get a chance to have me personally walk you through the slides, share personal stories of success, and also learn the secrets *not* contained in this slide show. To gain access you'll want to be on my conference call on March 6, 2008, at the ARRiiVE Innovations In Business Show.

Get Access To The WEBINAR:

Get personal attention from Scott Andrews: this will be a private call. The call will be held on March 6, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. PST Just CLICK HERE to sign-up. It's just $29 to gain access to this private WEBINAR. Act now - space is limited to 10 people on this call so I can give you proper attention.

One I receive your payment, I'll give you the access to the call.

Click Here To Sign Up!

You'll kick yourself if you miss out on this one! Save money and sign-up today. Otherwise, I'll be selling the complete program with slides, the e-book, and the recording of the call online for $47 US after the call.

Here's the slides for the call in advance:

So, Click Here To Sign Up today and get a discount from the advanced program!

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16 Things I Learned At SXSW

There's a thought-provoking slideshow that Jim Salinger put together for a lunch-time chat. Jim shared these slides with his own company, (www.thresholdinteractive.net) after returning from SXSW 2007.

I like the way Jim shares his thoughts and these slides, taken individually, are each possible launching pads for discussion. For example, slide # , provides a thought process for innovation. I liked the picture of the on/off switch. I agree, there is no "on/off switch" for innovation and creative thinking. Once you open the faucet, the water pours...

Here are the slides:

Let me know what you think!

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Feb 25, 2008

Adsense For Video

Want Adsense for Video?

Adsense is rolling out a beta program to make money through the video that you post on your blog or website.

Here is a video that details this exciting new ad revenue program:

There are numerous opportunities to make money from VideoAdsense:

1. Any site with targeted video can have Google insert a video ad, and you'll make money from that ad.

2. YouTube Partner Program. Anyone creating original video that gets viewed by thousands per month, can apply for this program, and gain access to many additional advertising revenue opportunities.

3. In-video ads - an ad at the bottom of the video can show, or a contextual overlay ad, which will offer more ad opportunities. This is going to be the primary publisher's solution for advertising in the future for video.

While Adsense is in beta, you'll have to meet some qualifications to share in this program. Eventually, I'm sure Google will open this up to many more publishers.

To learn more, visit Google.com/videoads

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Feb 22, 2008

Free Video Conferencing For 6?

You read that right. FREE video conferencing for 6... is now reality with OoVoo. As you know, ARRiiVE Business Solutions is always on the hunt for cool interactive ways to market a business and improve interaction. OoVoo appears to be a serious contender in this exciting conferencing category:

The idea of impromptu or scheduled video conferences, which could be used for training, online meetings, interaction amongst business teams in different locations, and more, has always appealed to me. With the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, and hassles of travel, why do face-to-face meetings would win over video has always come down to video being a 1-to-1 solution in the past. Not any more. Now, OoVoo offers 6-way video teleconferencing, at high quaility, low cost, and

The business implications are incredible:
* High Quality Video over fairly standard pipes for most PC systems
* Up to SIX people, that's right 6 of your business associates, all on one video call. Robin Good demonstrates it here: http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2008/02/21/video_conferencing_as_it_should.htm
* Free telephone and video conferencing. Yes, free telephone and free video. Get it while it lasts!
* Free find friend feature through most e-mail applications (except, ironically, Skype)
* Free video messaging. This is cool. I like the idea of a 1 minute video message to customers.
* Record video calls to create a memory or a video trail of a call.
* Text during video chat (I remember when Placeware used to offer this for $400/month per seat!)
* OoVoo Me Link (just like LinkedIn, etc.) add to your blog or MySpace page
* Sidebar view (continue working with your other stuff at the same time!)
* See the whole list here: http://www.oovoo.com//features/

I'm sure it won't last forever, but just like Skype, free is good when it lasts.

OoVoo is not just for video conferencing. You can also leave a video message for your OoVoo social network:


Also, OoVoo is not just business:

Add video effects, host video and text chat rooms, send a 1 minute video love note... and more!

I truly dig the potential of this. Check out OoVoo's site and look at "the long tease" for one way this could be used by people on a personal level.

New Video Conferencing: Multi-Party, Affordable, Cross-Platform - The Video Conversation Starter Is Here - OoVoo.


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Feb 20, 2008

Mistakes New Managers Make

Join us for the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Radio Show today:

Title: E48 - "Mistakes Managers Make (And How To Correct Them)"

Episode Notes: Ever wonder if you're doing a great job managing your people? A poor manager can deliver 25 - 50% of the expected result, while a great manager can deliver 300% of the desired result. What's the difference? Find out in today's call "Mistakes Managers Make (and How to Correct Them)" by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions.

Learn about crappy communication, motivation mayhem, wrong-headed words, and more crazy and funny stories, plus suggestions for implementing better management within your team.

Show Date: February 20, 2008
Start Time (EDT): 02/20/08 5:15 PM EST
Duration (minutes): 60

Call in - it's simple & easy, fun & educational to join the call and ask your questions!

How To Listen & Participate:
1. Visit Talkshoe (http://www.talkshoe.com/): Enter Talkshoe show ID 37798 to text comments and listen to the show from your computer.

2. Call in to join the show: Dial (724) 444-7444, enter show 37798 # 1 # if you wish to ask questions of the host or guest.

Also, you may click here to visit/follow the show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/37798 or http://www.arriive.com/arriive_liive.htm or listen in after completion of the show.

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Feb 19, 2008

The Surest Way To Blogging Riches

You're invited to "The Surest Way To Blogging Riches," a Teleconference Call on Thursday, February 21, 2008, at 5:00PM PST.

(Click here to order the audio recording of the teleconference for $29.00 + $6.00 in Shipping and Handling and skip reading this post.) (Note: Orders are to AspireNow Publishing.)

Much of my success blogging on the web comes from my ability to create and implement a simple approach to blogs in order to quickly build a list and make money online with my blog.

I'm not really a problogger by trade and I can say that you don't have to be a blogging guru to build a nice-looking, streamlined blog that puts cash in your pocket and builds traffic (and business) for your organization's website.

You do; however, have to know techniques available to you... even a poor job blogging is greater than no blog at all.

Discover why blogs have grown from less then 1 million blogs in 2000 to over 70 million blogs in November 2007. Are you missing out? Not only that, but if you’ve started a blog, and you’re floundering around the net spending hours upon hours trying to figure out how to launch your blog the right way, this teleconference is certainly for you.

What can you expect to learn on this powerful web & telephone conference session:

> Find out if blogging is for you and your business … know if you should spend time (and money) blogging.
> How to master blogging if you are on a limited time or money budget… get your blog designed twice as good in half the time.
> Create better layouts… capture more leads, create better blogging atmospheres.
> Eliminate loopholes in blogs… keep visitors on your site and gain more selling opportunities.
> Learn the TWO TOP ways to monetize your blogs… learn how to make money from blogging.
> Discover the BEST PLACEMENT for ads… maximize ad revenue from ads.
> Learn this one secret to getting traffic to your blog… if they don't know you exist you can't sell them anything!
> Find out the secret ways you can expand your business blogging… learn what the experts hardly ever tell you. YOU MUST LEARN ABOUT THIS IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO BUSINESS BLOG SERIOUSLY.

I learned this information hard way: through hours and hours and hours of my precious time spent digging around on the web, probably getting coke-bottle-thick glasses and most certainly sore eyes. You don’t have to do that!

I know, it seems almost too good to be true that I’d share all of these secrets on a teleconference for only $29, but I’m in a generous mood, and I’m also trying to eliminate the number of pre-calls for the Profitable Business Blogging Program, so it serves two purposes at once to offer this at such a great price. Not only that, but I’m going to be offering several exciting discounts and affiliate programs for my flagship turnkey blogging system, http://www.howbloggersmakemoney.com/ during the conference call.

Get a discount on 1-on-1 follow-ups, hot-seat coaching calls, and more during the conference call.

And, as always with all of my training calls, much, much more!

I’m limiting this opportunity for this call to only 10 people, so we can keep questions focused and have time to help everyone. I’m expecting this to sell out quickly, so click here to sign up now and get scheduled for the call!

(Note: Orders are Payable to AspireNow Publishing)

Common Questions – Better Answers!
“What Widgets Should I Put On My Blog?” -- “The XXXX-XX Box Is Your Most Important Widget. I’ll show you where it needs to be and ways to format this widget for success.”
“How Do I Know What To Write?” – “People often suffer writer’s block. I’ll help you learn how to blow through blocks and create story lines that attract attention.”
“How do I know which ad programs to join?” – “Some ad programs might make you money, but take hours to administer. I’m a little lazy and way to busy to mess with things that don’t work. I’ll show you what I do to cut the cr*p and get more $$ in less time.”

By now, you probably realize that the best way to teach you all of this would be do a “Vulcan Mind Meld” and transfer all of my knowledge to you. But, I can’t do that because my name is Scott, not Spock (Hee Hee Hee). So, the next best thing is to hear it from my mouth. I’ll also be offering some website references, links, and an online slide show to help reinforce what I’m talking about during the call.

There’s a lot of information we can cover in two hours, and we’ll have both a web-chat room to type in questions during the conference call, and on-line slides to help follow the main points, as well as the phone line where you can dial-in direct and ask me questions.

Normally, I charge $200 an hour to pick my mind about ways to market your business. This group rate at $29 for 2 hours lowers my rate to an effective rate of only $14.50 for this call! It’s a steal and the line will fill up fast, so get signed up today:

(Note: Orders are payable to AspireNow Publishing)


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Feb 13, 2008

How To WOW: Part I

How To Wow: Part I

"Professional Speaking That Wow's Your Crowd"

I've been getting more and more people asking me how to become a motivating speaker. Well, to start with, you have to WOW your crowd. Want to know some secrets on how to wow 'em like the best speakers in the business?

Here are seven techniques to help you get started.

7 Ways To Build "Wow" Into Your Next Presentation:

1. Set It Up

Before you can wow anyone, you must first set it up. For example, one speaker drops a stacks of books before he speaks. He then says, "Well, that was the advice from all the gurus on our topic today. Guess we don't need all those books, after all. Now, let's look at how people today really do this..." and from there he's off and running. I'd call that the "surprise" intro, wouldn't you?

Steve Jobs, when he announced the Apple MacBook Air, started off his talk at MacWorld with "Something's In The Air Today..."
(see the whole video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5iPJwZkr6E)

A comedian comes out with one string of ideas after another, then something totally random that makes you laugh.

Consider one of these approaches. If you start off B-O-R-I-N-G you're dead in the first 30 seconds. So, start off with something that sets your group up to know what they're going to get, in a creative, fun, and distinctively you type of way.

2. Use Simple and Clean Graphic Visuals.

Instead of saying "this is thin" to convey your idea, say, "It is only this thick," and show a picture of a pencil. A great visual is powerful, indeed.

You'll see how Jobs is a master at simple graphic visuals through this video:

Keep it clean and simple.

3. Simplify some more.

Imagine you want to tell someone "I love you." How would you say it? How would this suffice:

4. Use powerful words (and gestures).

You can be enthusiastic, but if you use the wrong words, body language, and tone, you'll probably give a mixed message.

Good copy is one of my newfound keys to success. I'll swear by the copy on a page. It's either selling for you, or your copy is working against you. Are you using words that sell? If not, try some of these:
Amazing, Blast, Greatest, Smallest, Largest, Huge, Phenomenal, Explosive, Fun, More, Easiest, Simplest, Most Comprehensive, Powerful, Gigantic, Tiniest, Flattest, Fattest, Richest, Fabulous, Exciting, Quickest, Shortest, Thickest, Roundest (is that a word?), anyway, you get the idea.

The WORDS you use MATTER as much as the enthusiastic TONE and BODY LANGUAGE you use to convey your ideas. Use all three to the max!

Hand gestures ought to be emphatic. Body image ought to be tall and strong, unless you're trying to convey weak and wimpy.

5. Show WHY people ought to care.

People often struggle with their WoW because they fail to realize how or why people care about them. If you're going to stand up and say "I'm going to change the world," then you probably need to back that up with the top three ways you're doing that now. But don't just tell them: SHOW them. People respond when you back up a strong statement with strong facts, stories, and anecdotes, and visuals (videos, etc.).

6. Give them a little bit more.

"You want to Supersize that?" was famous for a campaign that resulted in larger sizes for a little more money. It made an order for a burger, fries, and soft drink increase in size of volume, but also added an additional $0.80 per order, too. So, when people said, "Yeah, SuperSize me," they were giving permission to sell them something more.

My Dad once said to me that a doughnut shop taught him the key to success in business. "Scott, always give them a little bit more," was an expression he told me starting out. What he was referring to was the idea of giving people more than they paid you for. For example, he told me about this doughnut shop. He ordered a few special glazed doughnuts, a fill, and then a dozen "holes" for his toastmaster group. He said that someone in the group later counted the number of "holes" they received, and rather than a dozen, they'd been given thirteen. This didn't just happen once, it happened EVERY single time he ordered a dozen "holes" for the group. Notice, they had the repeat business to find out. Give them a little bit more than they expect, and they'll love you, buy from you, and always book you back again.

Sometimes, in a presentation, it is also good to give them one extra thing. Steve Jobs is a master at this. Other speakers, too: I remember that when I thought Zig Ziglar was done, he then went into a commitment talk and asked me to write my commitments down, and to do that one more thing for myself to make his talk matter. It is the one thing I took away, besides him up there working a pump saying "you gotta prime the pump!" from his talk.

7. Build a little suspense before selling anything.

Have you ever noticed a sales leader get up and start selling without giving you a reason to care? It's like the movie that starts with a character you don't know immediately shooting people. I always think, "Okay, so what, you haven't made me care about the characters." Character development matters. So, before you start selling, establish your character, create the story line of why it matters to your audience, then give them your pitch. The best in the business will always build more suspense prior to giving you the main sell. It's just good form.

Try building these 7 steps into how you WOW your group where you speak and see if you don't have a more powerful effect, higher results, and people writing good things about your public speaking.


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When Should I Roll Out My Service?

Here is a question I fielded today that I just had to share with you:

Question: When Should I Roll Out My New Service?

My Answer: After you're tested that: (1) People in your target market will buy it; (2) You can ship and support it; and (3) You get high satisfaction remarks from those who bought it.

Notice, I didn't say "when you think of an idea" or "when you've designed the marketing" or "when you get a stream of orders" as none of those are proof the new service will succeed. Now, the difference with the typical marketer and the BEST marketer is that the BEST already have BUZZ pre-release of any new product or service. So, for a master marketer, you can roll-it-out when you can prove simply that people will buy and you are pretty sure you can support what you've shipped. You already have high satisfaction remarks from other products, but you want to make sure you hit the nail on the head.

Remember when Apple first rolled out a hand-held device, called the Newton? It flopped, even though it was a cool advice. Why? Well, probably because Apple did not have the savvy marketing vision then that is does today. Last year, Apple rolled out the i-Phone and I'd say this was a highly successful launch. Everywhere I go, I run into people using an i-Phone. At Apple's i-Phone launch at the MacWorld seminar, Steve Jobs announced the killer product 20 minutes into his speech: "Today, we reinvent the telephone." And, they did. The product forums went crazy with buzz, and the pre-release was as exciting as the release itself. In fact, I'd say that the actual release was a bit anticlimatic.

Can you create buzz like that? If you can't, then follow this simple process:

Question: When Should I Roll Out My New Service?

My Answer: After you're tested that: (1) People in your target market will buy it; (2) You can ship and support it; and (3) You get high satisfaction remarks from those who bought it.

Do your homework, put together a great service idea, test it, and make sure people like it, you can support it, and you get high satisfaction marks. After all, that's what high quality service is all about.

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Bootstrapping 201: Problems & Solutions

Join the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Show, Wednesday, February 13, 2007, at 2:15 PM PST.

Show Topic: Bootstrapping 201: Problems & Solutions

Host: Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions

WEDNESDAY - 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST (duration ~ 1 hour)Call in and talk live:
Call Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Enter Talkcast ID: 37798 then enter # key.
Enter 1 then #

Join via Internet CHAT (cool, because you can text in Q's!):
http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/37798 to join the talkcast at the show time.
Click here to visit/follow the show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/37798 (select "follow the show" box).

Scott Andrews, host of Innovations In Business, discusses the the challenges, pratfalls, opportunities, and more, related to bootstrapping your dream and launching a blog, business, organization, or other venture.

Rave Reviews: "The breadth and depth of material here is outstanding. I look forward to hearing more great interviews." -- Andrew Long, CEO of Critical Pathfinders

"Thank you for answering my question and providing such insightful information." - Jeanette M., caller on recent show.

Visit http://www.arriive.com/arriive_liive.htm to learn more about this exciting, fun, and educational show.

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Feb 7, 2008

Top Resort & Hospitality Company Is Hiring

Are you seeking a fun, lucrative, and challenging job? Do you have a sales background? A strong desire to achieve, ability to work part-time hours, and earn a lot more than you might otherwise in a full-time job?I've got an inside connection at one of the World's top hospitality companies.

This company is strong in hotels, time-share vacation ownership, and the travel industry. They offer highly attractive compensation, an outstanding benefits package, and more incentives too numerous to mention here.

This industry is EXPLODING in a good way (unlike the Real Estate market). If you have a REAL ESTATE license, sales, real-estate, travel industry experience, this could be an outstanding opportunity for you!

They are currently hiring the following types of positions:
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Lead Generator
Lead Generator Manager
Program Manager

Contact me directly if you wish to be referred directly to the recruiter for this position.

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When Not To Blog?

Recent conversations about blogging have caused me to find many businesspeople think that blogging will burn too much time. This led me to ponder the topic, "When Not To Blog?"

Seriously, is there a BAD business concept or a WRONG person for blogging?

Truthfully, the answer is YES. Some people would be better off NOT blogging than blogging.

Before you jump up and say, "Aha! I knew it. Blogging is a waste of time for a company like mine," I'd like to clarify what I mean by addressing a few of the myths about blogging:

1. "Blogging is a time-suck." If you are too busy to blog, you probably shouldn't blog. That said, I thought I was too busy to blog when I started blogging. But, I started blogging anyway. As a result, I now have over three hundred blog posts and heading towards my goal of 500 on a pretty decent clip. It started with creating the blog, then creating the blogging practice. I don't watch as much television. I don't play music quite as much as I used to. And, I don't goof off. I am very alert of how I spend my time, and spend it wisely. I also allocate time for blogging, so that it isn't like I'm blogging 24/7, either. So, before you discount blogging as a time-suck that you can't afford, consider TRYING it for a couple of months FIRST.

2. "Blogging isn't a fit for my industry." I've heard this for the real estate market, especially. Most people who think blogging isn't good for their industry do not understand the power of a blog. First of all, a blog is about TELLING A STORY. You can create a character and tell a story easier on blogs and on e-mail marketing than in any platform ever available to marketers before in history. Even Direct-Mail isn't as good, because Direct Mail is expensive. Why don't realtors see that they could feature a "deal of the day" or "home with a story" or featured listings on their blog? Why don't realtors understand that if people don't feel like they know you they might not feel like doing business with you? This applies in other industries, as well. So, if you can say you have a story, you could have a blog.

3. "Blogging will take too long to produce any rewards or ad money." Well, if your sole purpose in blogging is just for the ad money, I'll agree that blogging isn't really the best form of getting rich quick. In fact, some bloggers never make money from their blog (although, I'll argue that they probably haven't optimized their blog for high growth yet - my firm can help - hint, hint). Keep in mind that the rewards you get from blogging are NOT just ad revenue. You will also be positioned as an "expert" in your industry from your blogging articles. In addition, you'll gain stronger backlinks to your website - a crux of strength for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and you'll gain an easier way for people to post comments about your content. It's far better than website feedback. Last, you may get jobs from blog posts that you would not get from a website that functions as an "online billboard".

So, before you discount whether or not blogging is for you, consider challenging these common myths. If you need any assistance with setting up a new blog, try http://www.howbloggersmakemoney.com. There's going to be a whole new launch initiative for that site on February 19, 2008, so keep your eyes peeled!

When deciding when to post to your blog, I have found that I prefer to post late at night or early in the morning, as more people will read the blog posts first thing in the morning when they check their email. However, I see the best boost from articles posted during the week than articles posted on the weekend. I will sometimes break that formula with my self help blog, AspireNow. So, experiment with the best time to post to your blog and have fun with it.

One last thing: If you've dabbled in blogging and decided that YOU don't personally have time to blog for your business, that still doesn't mean that a blog wouldn't benefit your business or business website. If you think about it, how many jobs in your company do you handle yourself? Perhaps, hiring an outside blogger to help you write your blog posts is the answer for you. If so, I have a network of Freelancers who can help you. Contact me and I'll hook you up.


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Feb 6, 2008

What Is The Perfect Solution?

Visit the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Radio show and win a free book!

Are you experiencing challenges with Social Networking? With all of the invites to these networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, E-cademy, Ryze, Plaxo, Marzar, Yuwie, Gaia, Spock, MySpace, and more... there's clearly many CHOICES of networks. It's almost impossible to keep up.

Not only that, but if you're truly dialed in, you'll notice that the world business structure has moved into a shift from "business in control" to "consumers in control", which changes many aspects of your market.

It has gotten to the point where marketers, leaders, and entrepreneurs are wondering what is the perfect solution?

Today, on ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business, Jay Deragon will discuss What Is The Perfect Solution (to Social Networks) and take us through a brief history of social networks to present day challenges and opportunities.

Host Scott Andrews welcomes Social Networking master Jay Deragon, who hosts: The Relationship Economy blog, LinkToYourWorld.com, and is Co-Author of The Emergence of The Relationship Economy. Join Scott, as he interviews Jay Deragon, an expert social networker himself (Jay has a following of over 50,000) and learn secrets to building better social networks, and learn more about What Is The Perfect Solution to Social Networking.

When: Wednesday, Feburary 6, 2008, at 2PM PST/ 5PM EST
What: 60 minute internet show - Talkshoe show ID 37798

It's simple and easy to call in and join the show:
Dial: (724) 444-7444
Enter: 37798 # (Talkcast Show ID)
Then Enter: 1 # or your Talkshoe PIN
and/or join from your computer (with LIVE CHAT!): http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/37798

This is a 5-star rated show. Dial-in or click to the site and participate!
Click here to visit/follow the show: http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/37798 or http://www.arriive.com/arriive_liive.htm or dial-in after if you miss it. Please be sure to list your own rating of the show and testimonial if you enjoy these topics.

See you there!

(Note: Please share this post with your friends who might be interested!)

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Feb 1, 2008

What People May Do When They Feel Good

What happens when people get emotional? Well, all kinds of crazy stuff!

Check out this fun video for a whacky example of emotion at work:

Get emotional in the right way, and your success will grow, grow, grow (even better than babies everywhere)!

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Why Do You Buy?

I was in a meeting a while ago. As I recall, Amy, a very skilled sales manager asked the very intelligent question:

"Why do you buy?"

Someone asked, "What do you mean?"

Again, Amy asked, "I'll clarify. Instead of thinking about why OTHER people buy your stuff, why do YOU buy stuff other people sell?"

"Hmm. Good question," I thought.

A salesperson volunteered, "I like to buy things on sale. If something is on sale, I'm much more compelled to buy."

My gut told me that saving money wasn't the key reason. "Okay. That's one reason," Amy said as she smirked a bit, "But a sale is just a "saving money" thing. That can't be the only reason we buy, as there's a lot of stuff on sales racks we walk right by every day. So, what's the real reason people buy from you?"

I could tell by Amy's expression that my gut was right. I thought about it for a moment. Then, it struck me. I buy because I'm PASSIONATE about something. Period. If I don't love it, I don't buy it. So, I stuck my hand in the air:

"I buy because I'm PASSIONATE about something."

"EXACTLY," Amy, the group leader's eyes sparked up, "People buy because they're passionate, and they buy from you whenever YOU'RE passionate about what you're selling. So, get passionate about why they buy, the emotional benefits from what we offer, and help them passionately discover how they can benefit from that choice. I went out and wrote two deals that day with this thought in mind. Passion is more fun, too. If you sell from passion, and you sell to passion, guess what? You are changing people's lives for the better. And, that is a good reason to sell anything.

Tami, someone dear to me, recently upgraded to a new set of Cutco knives. This purchase was the result of a guy making a home sales call. She called me and told me: "I'm upgrading my knives today!"

"Really?" I replied. "What kind of knives?" I asked this, knowing how much she likes to cook (and she can cook well, I'll attest).

"Cutco!" Her passion clearly hung in the air when speaking of these knives... "I'm excited - I can add several knives that do things my current set doesn't, and round out my steak knives, too as a bonus," Tami explained. "Not only that, but I got them at a discount. It's going to make cooking even more fun!"

"How much did it cost to upgrade?" I asked. The thought of the Kirby salesman convincing my Mom to buy that clunky vacuum with 15 attachments when I was 8 years old flashed through my mind...

"Five hundred dollars," she replied sheepishly, "but don't tell anyone - I don't want them to know what I paid for these."

Is that passion, or what? You'll buy something really expensive because of the quality and the functionality, but moreso because you can enjoy something passionately because of the increased functionality. At least, Tami did. That's passion at work in the sales process. I can guarantee you that if I asked Tami again, a week after the delivery of the new knives, why she loves her new knives, she'll have reasons, but they'll all relate to her passion for cooking. The salesman did his job, and sold to the passion, then justified the purchase with logic of "on sale" and "bonus knives to complete the set."

Bingo! That's why you buy, too. I'd put money on it. People buy from emotion, and justify with logic. Trigger something they're passionate about, then throw a little logic behind it (statistics, a discount, a bonus, etc.) and Ka-CHING! You've got a sale. But you get the sale because you lead with EMOTIONAL BENEFITS. It works, truly, it really works.

So, rather than think of all the stuff that you often lead with, such as your company statistics, or how may years this and that, or features of your product, why don't you try to find the PAIN or the NEED in something your prospect PASSIONATELY DESIRES and see if that doesn't help you discover the TRUE reason why your prospects buy from you. How do they benefit, emotionally, from owning and using your product or solution? Dig for that, and sell to that. You can then justify it with logic as you go through your product and company demonstration, but if you can't find the emotional reasons they're buying you're missing sales opportunities. So, start with the passion.

Then, from now on, sell to that need. You'll probably see your sales numbers go through the roof, as mine does whenever I use this technique.

I just used it yesterday and today I'm working on two new sale opportunities. Passion sells better than anything else I know.

And, if you'd like to get more tips like this, but in a structured format, I can customize training for your group. I'm passionate about sharing ways to help you grow your business, because I love seeing people jacked-up about success.

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