Jun 11, 2010

New Sales Training Workshops

Part of growing your business often includes learning new methods how to get in the door and network better.

Join me as I host a class through ARRiiVE Business Solutions, called "Cold to Gold: How to Overcome the Fear of Cold Calling and Get In The Door Successfully" as a "Mind Spark Session" workshop.

Next workshops:
IN PERSON: July 1, 2010 from 1P - 5P in San Luis Obispo, CA, at KCBXnet - for a discounted $397.00 per person (normally $497 pp).

WEBINAR: For those who do not live close to San Luis Obispo, you will want to sign up for the webinar this coming June 15. The webinar is one hour a day and runs from Tuesday through Friday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am each day for four (4) days. You need to sign up by June 13th. There will be another webinar mid-July, too. Webinar format Cold to Gold is just $297 per person.

"Cold to Gold offers a clear and dynamic system to help people 'get in the door' and skyrocket sales success." -- Alan Harris, Former Senior Program Manager Remedy
You do more than learn how to open the door; you learn how to interact with prospects in ways that lead to a sale. Because how you relate to your prospect is as important as the solutions you create or offer your prospect.

Cold to Gold is the only course that breaks down both the mental process and each step of customer attraction, from “push” methods, such as calling or email to “pull” methods such as events, speaking, and networking. This program weaves ARRiiVE Training's proven principles of success into every session for maximum takeaway. In the end, you will learn how to go from “Cold” to “Gold” with your prospects through our unique Mind Spark Session TM workshops.

Who Should AttendSales people - whether they are new hires or have been on the job for a while. Cold to Gold will turn you into a sales leader because it develops you from sales person into confidante.
You Will Be Able To:
  • Build sales strategy to map your approach to prospects buying method and cycle
  • Learn better communications skills to connect with decision makers
  • Drop the fear of cold calling through a warm system of interaction
  • Learn headlines and copy that creates higher open rates, return calls, and letter opens
  • Display confidence in yourself and your company and build credibility instantly
  • Ask the right questions to determine qualified solution opportunities
  • Gain tools to immediately win commitment to productive meetings
  • Influence the conversation so that it reaches a mutually beneficial conclusion
  • Follow up in a way that creates additional sales opportunities
Sign up your team for a Cold to Gold workshop at http://www.coldtogold.com/, or call 805-459-6939 to discuss a group discount.


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Jun 10, 2010

Teleseminars Grow Your Business

Using LOVE CALLS to grow your business

Bloggers: in case you've forgotten, not everyone who subscribes to a blog will always read that blog. In fact, up to 30% of the people who read your blog or other type of e-zine or newsletter may only read it once or twice. This is why I feel it is important to offer many different ways to market to your possible prospects.

Salespeople who only use the phone are limiting themselves as some people never return salespeople's phone call messages unless they've met IN PERSON first! So, make your contact in person.

Other people must touch. So, reach out and touch them.

Or, in some cases, people will dial into a teleseminar if they believe you're offering high quality content that will make a difference in their work, life, money, health, etc. I'm one of those people. Why? I'm AUDITORY! I LOVE teleseminars. Why? Because I can work on other things while they're talking, and if they then say something that catches my attention, I stop, pay attention, write down notes, or interject and ask them questions. I'm sure other businesspeople are the same way and listen in on calls with an ear cocked for quality content.

If the topic is really good, which some are, I don't multitask at all. In fact, in those cases, I'll open up Word and type a telescript of the notes as fast as I can while they're talking (with my audio muted, of course). I'm starting to outsource that kind of activity, but still will engage once in a while when the author or speaker is highly credible. I've also used teleseminars to great effect, along with my ARRiiVE: Innovations in Business Radio talk show which helps solidify and produce business relationships that are still beneficial months after the shows were recorded.

Many of you Internet Marketers who read this blog are seeking ways to explode your list to make more money. Well, in that case, let me recommend to you that you might consider ways to discover teleseminar secrets.

I'll be talking more about teleseminars, video seminars, webinars, and things like that in the months' ahead. In the meantime, check out this link about teleseminar secrets that still work. Not just for salespeople, but for bloggers, too.

One tip I'll leave you with: LOVE CALLS. When is the last time you held a call with some valuable information just to show the love to your clients? I just attended a "love call" today, where the marketer offered "Answers to 10 Most Popular Questions" in a teleseminar format. It was good, and he got a chance to plug his new program in the front, in the middle, and at the end of the call.

Insert your own call to action moments into your own teleseminars, and you'll see these telephone sales and marketing tools produce more success, over the long-term, than without them, for sure.

Use LOVE CALLS at least once a year - preferably a couple of times a year, to expand your business and thank those who've already bought from you. There are other secrets to teleseminars, too. Click the link for teleseminar secrets that still work and remind yourself why you ought to host a teleseminar, too.

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