Jan 29, 2008

Better Web Surfing

Surf smarter with the new widget by BlogRovR:

Have you seen BlogRovR?

You can download it here:

I just installed the widget for BlogRovR publisher on my blogs. The tool simply ROCKS. This is a modern Blog Publishing and RSS surfing tool to help you SURF SMARTER and also PUBLISH in a way that draws more traffic to your blog. Have you heard buzz about "Web 3.0 and Semantic Web?" Well, this tool is a start.

You can use RovR to:

  • Keep up-to-date on what you care about on the web.
  • Read posts only on what you care about now!
  • Get trusted opinions, news, and commentary on what you’re browsing.
  • Quickly see what your favorite bloggers have ever said about a web page.
  • Find out how your bloggers have tagged any page.
  • Read relevant blog posts in-place, right on the page they’re about.

Do you write a blog, too? Put the Blog RovR chiclet on your blog to let readers add you to their RovR subscriptions. When they browse anywhere you’ve written about, RovR shows your posts right there. The rest of your blog is just a click away from any web page you’ve blogged.

One warning: This software appears to be VERY Beta. That means it doesn't yet work on IE. It only works on Firefox. But, I'm hoping they'll change that soon.

The tool could be a God-send for blog publishers. The information you get about surfers is astonishing! Check it out and let me know how you like it.


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