Jan 28, 2008

Blogs In Plain English

Are you interested in blogging? One of the best introductions to blogging I've found is through Common Craft, who in this short video demonstrates the simple power of blogging and ways to get started:

What's great about this intro is how Lee shows you the various ways you can start blogging, and pretty much directs you to either blogger, which this blog currently uses, or WordPress, which many established bloggers use. Both services are free and get you up and running with minimal hassle (blogger being the easier of the two, WordPress offering more robust features).

If you're seeking additional techniques to jump into the Blogging foray more quickly, you may be interested in my upcoming teleconference on Blogging For Business. I'm sharing secrets and proven techniques that may help you make a lot more money in a lot less time from your blog.

Learn more by Googling in "ARRiiVE" and "blog" or if you want the robust system of how bloggers make money I've been developing, visit http://www.howbloggersmakemoney.com


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