Dec 4, 2008

Business From Social Networking?

Are you doing business from social networking platforms? I've received quite a few inquiries from social networks and closed one deal this past year. So, I can weigh in on the topic. How about you?

This just in from my friend, Lori Steed:

I was excited to see that my friends Jim Ware and Charlie Grantham, authors of Corporate Agility, The Future of Work, and other books, are doing a survey about social networking platforms. I participated in the survey and it took about 5 minutes. Will you share the survey link also with those you think may like to participate? There is an option to enter an email address and receive a copy of the survey results at the end.

The article

The survey

After a two month break from blogging, I'm back, and sharing new thoughts and ideas. If you missed information in the past or would like to suggest new topics, I'm open to suggestion!


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