Oct 15, 2018

Welcome to BOTLAND

If 1990 - 2010 was the "Information Age" then what is 2018? I propose we are moving into the AGE of ROBOTS. They're already all around us.

Take, for example, the automobile factories, such as shown in this FORD video:

Or this article on robots - check out Sophia at the end of this video:

In the world of business markeitng, bots are becoming necessary to make businesses more responsive.
"This year, B2B digital ad buyers–mostly marketers–will spend $4.6 billion to tell the world about their products. They’ll use all the typical marketing channels and tactics to spread the word — display, content syndication, SEM, social, re-marketing, email, and more. The ad copy will be different, of course. The calls to action? Optimized for maximum clicks and conversions, naturally. Across all these different ads, though, one detail will be the same: Every single one will direct people to a B2B website." - Sonja Jacob
However, what happens when people visit that website? Did you know that although BUSINESSES, when polled, express a desire for 5 MINUTES or LESS as the response time they need before bailing and taking their business to another website. Yet, the average business responds in 2 days. How will businesses respond and fill that gap?

You guessed it: with ROBOTS. In this case, Chatbots. Here's an example of a Chatbot in action:

At ARRiiVE, we're focused on mapping our new MIDAS MESSAGE METHODOLOGY to a service setting up chatbots for clients who require an extra level of handholding. This is a new service we are rolling out in late October, we call it "CONVERSIONATE" - with the simple objection of using conversational marketing to convert more leads into customers, and lower the cost of acquiring new customers. We'll keep you informed as this service grows and our customers report 200% to 7x results on their bot campaigns. Learn more at:


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Oct 13, 2018


We've been teaching how to do EMAIL Marketing for greater success since 2008. In the last decade, the industry has changed a bit. For example, in 2010, the biggest autoresponder was aWeber. Today, it's probably a toss-up between MailChimp, aWeber, Get Response.

What's changing? First, people are receiving more email than ever. In fact, growth of email is predicted from 200 BILLION to 280 BILLION in 2018. That's a lot of email. So, the challenge to get your email opened is BIGGER than ever. In addition, if you say the wrong thing in your subject line, they may not even open your email.

To alleviate that situation, I recently published a book on How to Write CATCHY Subject Lines: 2x to 4x Your Open Rate over at AMAZON:


The intent of writing this book is to help people who need to get their emails opened discover a quick and easy way to create their subject lines that (a) get opened, (b) increase interaction with the ideal customer or contact. Of course, this leads to WHAT's INSIDE the email: the content. If your content is messed up, you're really in trouble, as many people will tune out a poorly written pitch faster than you can say "delete"... so, what's the answer?

MIDAS MESSAGE METHODOLOGY! I've discovered a system of (1) being cool, (2) establishing authority, (3) helping people discover your offer - so it feels like their idea, all without sounding like a cheesy salesperson or using any high-pressure tactics to coerse the prospect into buying. I'm launching it this month with some special bonuses. Go to Midas Message Methodology for details.

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Apr 20, 2011

How to Start a Business

Do you want to learn how to start a business?

Are you currently starting a company? Or, maybe you're launching a product or new service?

Join Scott Andrews, International Author, Speaker, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions, as he shares wisdom learned in starting AspireNow, ARRiiVE, and launching products and companies.

How to Start a Business
Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and
Learn Ways to Build a Successful Company
In this 2 hour Mind Spark SessionTM (online seminar), you will learn secrets to launch your business:

Learn ways entrepreneurs sabotage success...find out what not to do!

Gain insights from masters...grow wisdom to learn how to make it.
Discover the differences between good and GREAT companies...build it right from the start.
Why NOW?...Discover why NOW is a GREAT TIME to START YOUR COMPANY.

Maximize your money...explore ways to stretch capital or bootstrap a business.

And more!

About Scott:
As seen and heard on CBS, ABC, and Seeing Beyond (KEST), Scott Andrews' unique wisdom and ability to inspire people to action is second to none. Scott is a natural performer, but also possesses the power to take complex business and life development challenges and break them down into simple and actionable frameworks you can immediately apply to improve your present situation. Scott is a former Toastmaster and current board member of SLO STC and Cal Poly School of Journalism Internships. He created the first interactive self-help website: "AspireNow Advisor: Instant Self-help on the Web" in 2001. He has successfully launched or been involved in the launch of dozens of products and companies, including Power Text Pro, Wise Dog Animation, StoryAD Network, ElementsLocal, Instantis, numerous coaching companies, Cold to Gold (www.ColdtoGold.com), and he is currently launching the SLO Jazz Festival (www.SLOJazzFest.org). He teaches both business and personal development programs and is often a featured keynote speaker to groups ranging from 20 to 2,000.

"Why waste months of time trying to launch a new product? ARRiiVE Business Solutions can help you get your program launched exponentially faster." -- Michelle Casto, International Speaker & Author of "Get Smart" series of books
"Scott helped my company through a critical growth period. He made a BIG difference!!!" -- Jim Vangelos, CEO, Polymer Logistics

"Scott has a commanding presence...he never fails to wow his audience with new ideas and dynamic ability to inspire people." -- Jessica Haynes, Author of "Get What You Want" and "GPS to Success", Business and Relationship Coach

"Scott is a strategic business leader able to launch unique solutions to grow revenue and drive stability." -- Grant Stellwagen, Owner, Stellwagen Insurance

This informative Mind Spark Session is $47.00 (US) for a limited time only. Participation is limited, so sign up EARLY to reserve your virtual seat in the room.

Click this link to purchase your own ticket to this powerful Mind Spark Session and schedule this call in your Outlook/calendar:

Details: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday, May 4, 2011
See ARRiiVE.com for details or just visit this link to sign-up:

Once you purchase, I will send you the access pass for the webinar.

You are ALL INVITED! :-)


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Apr 19, 2011


What's up? I don't know about you, but if you actively
sell a product or solution you surely HAVE to make a
PHONE CALL or send an EMAIL to grow your business? Right?

There is POWER IN WORDS. For proof, watch this video:

If this resonates with you, then perhaps you STRONGLY AGREE
that the words you use and WHAT YOU SAY in an EMAIL WILL
determine whether (or not) your PROSPECT RESPONDS TO YOUR

My last prospecting cold call meeting started like this:
"Well, Scott, I get quite a few sales emails, as you can
imagine, being a PUBLISHER of a LEADING MAGAZINE. Your
email is the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN." From that point
forward the meeting went like clockwork with the publisher
saying he is interested in a customized proposal next week.

Can you say CA-CHING?! :-)

If you ever have pressure to HIT QUOTA, you know full well


I developed a system I teach in my innovative
Cold to GoldTM Mind Spark SessionTM Workshops that helps

Gain comfort and confidence making calls and learn how to
draw prospects to your door, without resistance. Best of

The next COLD to GOLD Mind Spark Session workshop starts on
May 17, 2011 from 10:00 AM PST to 11:15AM PST.
Sign up now at http://www.coldtogold.com/ to reserve your seat.

We guarantee the program, too. So, you have everything to
win and nothing to lose. What you gain from Cold to Gold is
like smashing open Fort Knox's vault and leaving you in there
for a few hours without a camera or security guard
watching you. It almost isn't fair. ;-) I kid around, but I think
you get the idea.

Go here to sign up:

To your success,


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Mar 24, 2011

LIKE our Facebook?

We have a new Facebook page for ARRiiVE Business Solutions. We will be sharing success stories, interesting entrepreneurial news, and more over at ARRiiVE's page, so if you dig the blog, but sometimes just want short snippets, make sure to be a FRIEND over there, and also at Twitter, while you're at it:



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Mar 22, 2011

Cold to Gold Workshop in April - 2011

Attention: the next Cold to Gold Mind Spark SessionTM is scheduled for April 19, 2011, at 10:00AM PST.
Registration for this powerful online workshop will close one hour prior to the start of workshop. Only 25 seats are available for this session, which runs each day from Tuesday through Thursday, from 10:00 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. PST. Sign up while you can still get in!

Cold to Gold is a system of selling to increase prospecting and the ability to PULL prospects to you, created by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions.

You'll gain access to the mind shift, techniques, and methods that help you get in the door, form better qualified meetings, and highly successful business relationships. These are the techniques used by Scott to land multimillion deals with IBM, EMC2, Data General, and other sales organizations. For example, Scott wrote Jay Leno a letter and Jay returned Scott's call personally. Scott never met Jay prior to sending the letter. You'll learn the techniques Scott uses to get responses like this. Can your business use a lift?

To sign up for this workshop, please visit http://www.coldtogold.com/

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Mar 21, 2011

Social Networking Fad or Fabulous?

Is Social Networking a Fad or FABULOUS for local businesses?

For my answer, watch this:

"I know our business needs to be doing all that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube stuff, but we're just too busy doing our normal work to do it right." -- Local Business Owner

If your business is not on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, let me guess:

You do not have time for social networking.

Well, if that is you, you pretty much have three choices:

1. Keep doing what you are doing.

You remember that saying about the best definition of insanity, "to keep doing the same thing but expect different results"? Well, that is most likely not our readers, right? We know our readers are "take action" kind of people, most entrepreneurs are! So, most likely, you are asking "what's behind door number two and three?" Okay, so I will share...

2. Do it yourself.

Wait a minute. You just said you are too busy to post to social networks yourself, right? Do you have staff that can do it for you? If you do, that is great for you. If you don't, and you are already too busy, and the idea of sitting in front of a computer saying God only knows what on social networks does not appeal to you, then you probably already know what number three is. However, is you DO decide to go your own route, or have your employees do your social networking, then I advise you to get proper training on HOW to social network. I will be rolling out a new training program through ARRiiVE Business Solutions in the next month that will help you out. So, stay tuned. If you do not do it yourself, and do not have your people do it for you, then you are left with one last option - hire someone else to do it.

3. Outsource it.

Now, personally, I have mixed feelings about outsourcing social networking. Done wrong, it feels about as human as the way the Terminator talked when he first showed up in that bar. Done right, your social network can grow fast! I know, because we've been doing it right for SLO Jazz Festival, where our Festival's page grew from less than 40 to over 400 in just one month without a list to build from. Another reason to outsource your social marketing is that people who perform this service are EXPERTS at social networking and all the aspects of it: copyrighting, ideas to post, what types of tactics to use, why posts get interaction, and ways to expand the network. Think about it. You get hired because you are an expert. Well, so are they.

If you are an expert in your trade, which could be anything from running a local cafe to cutting down trees or painting, you are probably not a guru on Facebook, Twitter, My____, and YouTube. Right?

So, if that's you, you may be interested in the service ARRiiVE Business Solutions created to help meet this need, INTELLIGENT SOCIAL NETWORKING (for business success online).

To learn more, simply visit ARRiiVE's website. We can help. I hope you DO take action on your social networking. Do not just sit there and let your competition beat you online. If you have questions, feel free to call me and I will help out as I can - it may be worth a coaching session or two even if you decide to go your own way and/or train your team.

As you can tell, I feel Social Networks may change, but the smart businesses will be adapting along with the changes and build their company business social network in an INTELLIGENT way. That is why I call this service INTELLIGENT SOCIAL NETWORKING. The Internet landscape changed when Facebook created a way to market that is more powerful than your website. Now people SHARE what they LIKE with other people. In addition, this matters as much as a friend asking "Hey, who do you use to cut your lawn?" -- these questions and referrals are happening constantly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

Do not let social networking pass your business by any more. Especially, if you are in launch mode, your launch plan MUST consider social networking. As usual, we are here to help answer questions, and guide you along the path to greater business, team-building, sales, and marketing success. Contact me at 805-459-6939 with any questions - I am here to help!
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Oct 7, 2010

How to Find Product Ideas

??? ideas.... easy? hard? POSSIBLE!

Students can discover product ideas: If you are currently a student, you have an opportunity in front of you. For example, take Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook. In 2002, Zuckerberg graduated from High School. Facebook did not exist. Two years later at Harvard, the birth of Facemash led to Facebook, which today has over 500 million users and is valued at over $5 billion dollars. Facebook was a utility, in essence, to create ways to communicate on a global scale. Zuckerberg executed the idea with extreme focus, and this is why Facebook is the success it is today.

Unemployed can discover product ideas: If you are currently unemployed, you have an opportunity in front of you. Matt Morris, author of The Unemployed Millionaire, shares secrets how he went from broke and down and out to a millionaire twenty times over. You can do it, too. Just one product idea can motivate you to stop watching television and start launching your own business. What are you waiting for? Time is your biggest asset, and you have plenty of it right now. Use it wisely!

Employed people can find product ideas: If you are currently employed, you have an opportunity in front of you, too. While you may have less time in front of you to take action, you also probably have more financial resources at your disposal to outsource different tasks to people who can help accelerate the growth of your business. You also can hire a coach to help you stay on track and help you launch your product successfully.

In case you are thinking "How can I do that?" I will share a few ideas to help you get started.

First, here are three ways to come up with product ideas:

1. The "Why don't they...?" question:

"Why don't they have a _____?"

2. The I hate statement:

"I hate ______ (product). I wish these would do _______."

3. The I would LOVE Question:
"If only _____ did _____, I would love it!"
If you ever find yourself asking one of those questions or making one of those statements, you have a product or service idea in front of you. For example, in 2007, I was attending the San Jose Jazz Festival. While listening to the music, I turned to my girlfriend at the time and said, "Why don't we have one of these in our home town?" Thus, the idea for a music festival was born. I investigated, and no jazz festival had ever been held in my home town. I created a team, raised funding, and opened a non-profit corporation. We are now planning our first festival in September 2011! You will notice the idea started with the question phrase "Why don't we...?" Any time you hear or use that phrase, you might just be onto something.
Just last week, I decided I wanted a product for some of the work I do. However, when I tried to buy one at my local store, they had nothing like it. I went online and guess what? It didn't exist there, either. In fact, the existing products I COULD buy I don't even like. Considering this, I consider that product category RIPE for INNOVATION. Have you made such a discovery yourself? If you do, you are onto a product idea.
The product idea started with "I hate _____." I used that phrase to describe the product I currently use. I also used the phrase "I would love this ______ (product) if it looked like ______ (description of product) and was more comfortable. I want something better. Thus, I will create it. (Sorry, I cannot yet name the product as I'm still going through the branding/trademark/patent process to protect my idea.) I used both the "I hate _____" and "I wish my _____ did ______" to come up with this new idea.
Find a hole or niche in the market, then move to exploit it!
Once you have a product idea, you must do several things:
First, hire a patent attorney. Run a trademark search and patent search and see if there is anything like it you need to be concerned about. Consider all the possibilities of innovation with your product, then file the patent and trademarks to protect your idea.
Second, hire a business launch coach (hint, hint). You'd be surprised, but these guys have been there, done that, and know the difference between focus and scatter, hard work and luck, and success and failure. You want someone who can help you find your way through the crazy decisions facing you with focused effort. If you cannot figure that out yourself, then by all means hire a coach.
Third, write a short business plan. You need to work from a plan. Do you know what step comes next? A business plan will lay this out for you and bring clarity to required actions. If you need help with a simple plan, I have several tools I make available to clients when they hire me as coach that will help you get your plan started in HOURS rather than WEEKS. I love helping people save time. But whether you hire out help or write it yourself, get started, figure out what you need, and then get to it. Without a plan, you plan to fail, so write down an action plan.
Fourth, build a team. When you build a team, do not go crazy. Remember, you don't have money to pay anyone yet. Even if you do, why do that? Outsource, hire independent contractors, and use stock for the difference. The first person to bring on board after your business coach is either COO or CFO. You need someone to help run the company and someone to help manage the money. You may also need a marketing firm to help. I tend to find marketing experts who will work as independent contractors, so I would recommend that path, first, before hiring to bring that function in house.
As you can see, it is not rocket science to find product ideas and start your own business. But you must take ACTION. If you sit around and watch everyone else, you never do anything. Watch for when people say the triggers to product ideas, and pay attention if you catch your own voice saying "I wish we had.... ______." It just might be your next BIG IDEA.

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Jul 31, 2010

No More Call Reluctance

If you are in sales, you must know the term "call reluctance" as it related to cold calling, right?

What the term means is you are AFRAID or RELUCTANT to make calls, that you KNOW could lead to getting an appointment or making money. But you don't do it. Why?

Well, if you're like most sales people, you HATE COLD CALLING!

Yep, I said it. And that is PRECISELY why I created Cold to Gold Mind Spark Session sales training workshops. You see, the reason why most people HATE COLD CALLING is because they do not have a SYSTEM to help them prospect more effectively and efficiently. Not only that, they also do not usually have a system to DRAW MORE PROSPECTS to your door. Do you have such a system? I do! It makes a WORLD of difference to my business, too.

Now, the system I created for turning cold calls into GOLD CALLS is a 12 step process I teach in Cold to Gold sales training workshops. I also review the mental thought process, the approach, the strategies, how to plan, and the technical ways people just never think of to help you get in the door. You also learn how to sell to the C-level, and other creative strategies.

Well, I can't spill all the beans here, but if you're interested it is likely because you know you NEED training like this. Guess what? I'm hosting my next workshop August 16, 2010. It lasts five days, M-T-W-TH-F and is scheduled from 10:00AM til 11:00AM PST August 16 through the 20. You can sign up here:

Announcing COLD TO GOLD ONLINE workshop August 16, 2010 – August 20, 2010 (held 10:00AM PST – 11:00AM PST each day M – F) is the way to go. Here is the link for the ONLINE August 16 – 20 workshop:


Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive information about the workshop from me within 24 hours. I look forward to seeing you at the registration or online! If you have any questions, or for a group discount, please email me directly. This workshop is sure to sell out, so act quickly while tickets are still available.

Scott – your Trainer

Cold to Gold: Mind Spark Sessions - OVERCOME the FEAR of COLD CALLING and get the POWER to GET IN THE DOOR SUCCESSFULLY.

“Gain the confidence to call and savvy to market -- 30% More Qualified Meetings (Sales Growth) in 30 Days or the Workshop is FREE.”

Look forward to seeing you on the call - stop hating cold calling are start loving GOLD calling. It's a world of difference.
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Jul 9, 2010

5 Ways to Boost Productivity

People often wonder how I accomplish everything I do. I think it is a combination of how I schedule my day, how I spend free time, and how fast I work. Possibly, it could be how I structure sleep, too, but I think what matters more is that I work when I FEEL my BEST.

In order to help you do more, here are my top FIVE ways to boost your productivity.

5 Ways to Boost Productivity:

I. The first way to boost productivity is to be quick at things you do often.

For an example of things I do often, consider keyboard typing. First of all, I learned how to type in high school. I remember during the summer I asked my mother, a business teacher at Santa Maria High School at the time, "Hey Mom, what class could I take that would be the most important for business in the years to come?"

Mom replied, "Learn typing. Typing will be more and more important with the growth of computers."

I have a pretty wise Mom, huh? Keep in mind, this was in 1982! So, I signed up for typing. Playing saxophone might have helped me become the fastest typist in class (92 WPM) but at any rate, that year of typing still benefits me daily to this day. If you haven't learned how to type, I strongly encourage it. Although, it won't matter nearly as much as pointing in the next 20 years (finger/touch computing will quickly become a standard with the advent of the iPad and touch devices moving into mainstream computing).

II. The second way to boost productivity is to maximize your work hours.

Yes, I type fast. But, I also structure my day different than most people. I work when I am most awake, alert, and productive. That, for me, is between 4AM and 8AM, between 8AM and Noon, between 10AM and 2PM, between 4PM and 8PM, and between 10PM and 2AM. You might say, "wait a minute, Scott. You can't possibly work all those hours EVERY day, can you?" and you may have noticed these time slots overlap. You are correct. My schedule varies. That is because I sleep at odd times. It sparks my creativity. Also, I am a jazz/funk musician, so sometimes I keep odd hours. I balance this with naps.

If you learn to nap, you can work when you're awake and sleep when you're tired. Thomas Edison did it. Many other great innovators do it, too. So, that's what I do. But I also schedule time to work when I know I can be my best. It is critical to balance your energy in such a way so that you operate a peak performance as much as possible.

III. The third way to boost your productivity is to structure your workflow.

When I structure my work, I structure it the following way:

1. Projects - what top three projects can I work on now?
   a. What is required to move this project forward this week?
   b. Who do I need to speak with or meet in the next week re: moving this forward?
   c. What can be delegated/outsourced?
   d. What priorities need to be done right away?
2. Schedule - what events are key to success this week?
3. People - who do I need to call today?
  a. Initiate new conversations w/influential people
  b. Follow-up conversations w/influential people
  c. Other conversations that must take place this week
4. Other tasks, email

IV. Time slice for important projects to boost productivity.

If your organize your week and your day in this way, you will achieve a considerable amount with your projects. I find this schedule works well UNLESS you're trying to promote and sell something or have a critical project that must be completed that week. If you're actively prospecting for business you will need to block out time to only make calls for that effort. I do that for Cold to Gold calls. At some point in the near future, I will outsource all of that activity, too. The same for a mission-critical project that must be completed that week. Block out time without any distraction (no email, phone, meetings, noise) while you complete that task for the mission critical project.

V. Outsource, delegate, and eliminate. Again, ask: "What can I outsource?" Much of what I used to do I no longer do, either by choice or by outsourcing. By eliminating things you actually spend time on directly, you can focus your efforts to the interactions that matter most towards your project objectives. Does this makes sense to you?

Last, ask yourself  "Where do I waste time?" If you can eliminate time wasting behavior, you can maximize your day even further.
I find that the more I delegate - whether a work commute, unnecessary meetings, tasks, television, and other unnecesary tasks, the more time I have to be productive at writing a book, speaking (radio shows, in person keynote speaking, and so forth), and meeting people to advance my projects.

Use these FIVE ways to boost productivity and your own work will wisely drive your own ability to succeed because you will boost your productivity, too.
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