Jul 23, 2008

Why Blogs Are Better Than Websites

Are you trying to figure out the difference between blogs and traditional websites?

Guess what: you're not alone!

We know there are more and more blogs posting content on the web. But why?

The quick and dirty answer is that blogs, over time, create more interactivity and traffic than regular websites, partly because it is easier to post to blogs and search engines love "content-rich" websites. The more complicated version will go into SEO tactics, describe "RSS feeds", talk about the "long tail" of comment responders, and more.

Are you confused yet?

One of my friends wrote me a message over at my Plaxo Group, Blogging for Business this week:

"Hi Scott,

I am fairly confused with blogs.....it seems just like a website, unless you have traffic what is the point? I did use blogcatalogue and have found my name under it when I search....so I think it might have helped? I am still kind of confused what rss feed does?

Slightly clueless,"
Can you relate? I remember when I first discovered how blogs were changing the Web 2.0 world and how I felt similar to my friend who posted this comment. Not only that, but I knew that I had to understand what was going on with blogs when I read how one blogger made over $10K a month off Google ads alone! Well, on my journey, I've spent probably over 500 hours researching blogs, SEO, traffic tactics, and all the related stuff about making money online. In the process, I've become sort of an "expert" on this stuff, to the point where people now pay me (hint, hint) to consult re: how to set-up their blog. So, I bet you're curious to know what I said back, right?

My response:

"The biggest difference between a blog and a static 1.0 website is the power of COMMENT TRAILS and RSS FEEDS. (Edit: it is also easier to post articles, widgets, and make changes to website layout, which I failed to mention!)


Comment trails involve people more over time than static web pages. Interactive = success with the Internet. Just remember I for I: Interactive for Internet is always a good rule.


The RSS feed enables ANYONE else to subscribe to your blog. It also enables people to SYNDICATE your content. This means more people can easily get your news sent to them rather than having to go to your site to get it. Still don't get it?

Watch this:

Watch this, too:

There's a lot more at:

Especially, read/listen to this:


BTW- you're not clueless - just catching up - like many! Dive in and go for it!"

Now, I'm working up a new version of my blogging system, but I'll probably just offer it as a one-time "buy this to get started" kind of thing, rather than a monthly subscription. Why? I'm too busy blogging and helping my customers blog more successfully!


Contact me if you're looking for one-to-one help with your blog or to get help with obtaining Top 10 Google position.

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