Jul 11, 2008

Selling Tip: Don't Talk Past The Sale

Today I pitched a solution to a potential customer (couple) who, in my gut, felt like they were ready to buy. However, I noticed that as the clock ticked off the seconds, and seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into an hour past the close, that the potential buyer went from LOVING my solution to being AFRAID of how they were going to handle the budgeted cost of my solution. It happens that fast!

One thing is for sure, if your client drops out of the "ether" effect of loving you and/or loving your service, your odds of completing the sale drop significantly. Certainly, once the client goes into "fear mode" their "fight or flight" life protection response system will over-rule their desire to purchase your service.

Think I'm wrong? One industry I've consulted and sold for, timeshare resort sales, has performed specific tests to determine the window of opportunity, and found that once you've pitched your solution, you basically have about twenty (20) to thirty (30) minutes of optimum selling time where the agreement is most likely to happen. Once you go beyond that window, your opportunity of success drops, by huge percentages, rather quickly.

Do you know what the opportunity of close success is for your industry?

If you haven't figured it out, figure out how to be more efficient, at the least. Because one thing is for sure: once you go past the window of opportunity, you may never get that opportunity again.

Take advantage of time and use it wisely and you're sure to close more sales.

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