Apr 15, 2008

Can I Make Money Blogging?

Ask people like ShoeMoney.com, who has made six figures blogging, and he'll likely say, "Yep. It's possible to make money blogging."

ShoeMoney, a site where a geeky blogger racked up a check from Google for over $100,000 (and continues to rake in the bucks), simply offers ways to make money online through blogging, marketing, and so forth.

Ask Steve Pavlina. He has a site, http://www.stevepavlina.com/, where he boasts that he made over $10K a month from his Adsense off his blog.

Ask Darren Rouse. As of the time he posted this article, he claimed that "AdSense is how I earn around 35% of my income" and knowing that he also has claimed to earn over $250K a year blogging, that means he's scoring over $85K a year from Adsense, alone.

These bloggers are all making money from the flagship blog approach, where one giant blog in a market niche draws enough traffic to warrant significant advertising opportunities.

Other people have quit their day job to be bloggers:

Labnol shares how he makes money from adsense and also some numbers from other blog-related sites.

Learn more about a guy who quit his day gig to blog full-time here: ZenHabits.com story.

You can create programs for affiliate income off of your blog, too. Here's a printout of the money CashForBloggers.com made from an affiliate program:

$1,910 just from one month of promoting a model dating site.

Sure, there's other ways to make money from blogs, whether guest posting, creating multiple niche affiliate blogs, Splogs (automated blogs), or even maintaining blogs for other people. All of these are ways to make money from blogging. In addition, the voice of the blog may lead to consulting agreements or other contractual work in the off-line world that could develop into a healthy income for you, too.

Blogs also help you create e-books and books about various subjects.

There's many benefits from blogging. But, in case you haven't seen the numbers before, I just thought it might be worth sharing a few examples of people who are making a ton of money blogging.

Is this inspiring to you? It was to me!

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  1. When I first heard about people earning from blogging, I didn't believe it.. but after reading success stories of people who quit their day job and become fulltime bloggers, I realized that monetizing your blog is really possible.

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