Jul 22, 2008

New Wal-Mart Logo - Here Comes The Sun

On June 30, 2008, Wal-Mart unveiled a new logo in a press release. It's like turning Wal-Mart into Walmart*

Do you like the idea of a new Wal-mart logo?

Patrick Byers at Responsible Marketing commented Starburst, asterisk or sphincter?

I laughed so hard I had to post an article about it. Well, they say a logo represents the image of the company. Would an asterisk represent a "tarnished image" ala Barry Bonds' home run record? I couldn't help but laugh my own (ahem) sphincter off when I saw Patrick's suggested Star logo in reference to all of their products coming from China (see the bottom of his article at the Responsible Marketing Blog).

Then again, another blogger commented that it seemed like a rip-off of another company's logo. Considering the font is IDENTICAL, it sure seems a lot like what many rappers do to old-school music (borrow most of a song and add one tiny twist with a new lyric and call it "new"). (Note: Both Wallpaper and the Kmart logo use the identical font.)

Okay, you decide:

One other thought is that the asterisk is supposed to be a new age sun?

I think the funniest comments I read about the Walmart* logo include "It's like a ring of golden cannons all aimed at small-town America" and "It looks like a rendering of an R.F.I.D. chip." Other people simply stated that it reminded them of Wal-mart trying hard to be Tar-get.

Perhaps the new redesigned Walmart* logo indicates I was way ahead of my time when I commissioned the logo for my first website, AspireNow. You'll notice the AspireNow logo there:

Perhaps, it's time to change that logo to something like this?


Pretty inspiring, huh? It took me 5 seconds to do make my font bigger, change the font type, and color it navy blue.

Overall, I actually think the new logo IS more friendly than the old logo. Also, the sun thing IS more playful than that military star. So, maybe it WILL help them change their image. I just wasn't very inspired by it -- that's all.

So, what do you think about the new hyphen star Wal-mart logo turning into the asterisk Walmart* logo?

Comment at will below.

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