Aug 27, 2008

The Power of Referrals on Innovations In Business Show

"The Power of Referrals" on ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Show

August 27, 2008 at 2:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM EST
"The Power of Referrals"
Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions

Call In:
Call in at (724)444-7444 and enter 37798 # 1 # Text chat online: to text questions or listen online.


Visit To hear Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business solutions, discuss ways to increase your referrals and grow more business today at 2PM PST / 5PM EST.

Are you seeking ways to grow your business? Word-of-mouth has always been the most powerful way to grow a business. If you're seeking ways to grow your referrals, this is a show you won't want to miss:

In this show you'll receive:

  • Better understanding of the power of referrals...increase your selling power.
  • A simple and easy methodology to increase referrals... save time and hassle.
  • Advanced ideas to improve referrals... start growing more traffic immediately.
Stop wasting time trying to impress people with advertising and instead increase your referrals - right now! Don't miss this fun and educational call with Scott.

Show hosted by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions (

It's simple and easy to join - call (724) 444 -7444 enter 37798#1# to dial in or visit OR (see radio show link) to visit online and/or text chat questions to Scott.

ARRiiVE Business Solutions provides sales training and executive coaching. Click the link or email info [at] to get started.

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Aug 25, 2008

Seeing Goals With Mind Movies

Are you able to "see" your goal before you accomplish it?

Some of us are better at "visioning" our goals than others. If you struggle with this process, perhaps you might want a physical aide in the form of software for your computer. I introduce to you two very powerful programs that enable you to create a "mind movie" or "vision board" using the software and some basic techniques with photos and music to bring your vision to life:

1. Vision Board - Vision Board, by Orange Peel, offers a simple and intuitive interface to build the vision boards on your computer that we used to build as collages with scraps from magazines on cardboard.

I recommend The Orange Peel Dream Board Visualization Software:

Using a dream board like this can be very powerful to help you manifest your dreams regarding career, money, health, finances, and love. If you haven't designed your own collage yet, the beauty of a software tool like Vision Board is that you can modify your collage quickly, and it is always in front of you when you boot your computer. Cool, huh?

I created an affiliate program with Orange Peel to make it easy for you to join:

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today!

2. Mind Movies - a step deeper and more intricate than Vision Board is Mind Movies, by Ryan and Natalie.

Here's an example of a couple of Mind Movies:


One recommendation: try to use as many REAL pictures of YOU with the PEOPLE and PLACES you REALLY want in your life! You can actually manifest something you don't if you have the wrong pic in your movie, so be careful how you go about making it!

I recommend by Ryan, too:

I can recommend them both to you and know that none of the orders I've received through my affiliate programs have, to date, been returned. And, many people have expressed enjoyment and attracting abundance through using these innovative software tools.

Good luck with seeing your goals and building more of what you want for your business and personal success with Vision Board and Mind Movies software.


P. S. - if you're interested in creating your own affiliate for Mind Movies, check this out:


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Aug 22, 2008

Raising Money To Start A Company, Part I

How To Know When You're Ready for A Cash Infusion?

Frankly, you probably aren't ready to ask for money. Why? Because usually the problem with launching a business or product ISN'T whether you have enough money, but more rather how much VALUE you're providing. And, most entrepreneurs who are drawn to raising quick money aren't serious about keeping their business or building a strong business in the first place.

I have a few questions to determine whether you're ready:

Have you articulated your message well?

Are you delivering high quality products and services on time and under budget?

Do you have a solid team built who can help you grow your business?

Do you have a stream of customers starting to line up outside your door?

If so, your word-of-mouth will grow your business, and you may never need money. However, that is when you will most likely be able to receive money. If you don't have "yes" answers to the above questions, I'd suggest you tighten up your business FIRST before going after the money.

I often receive inquiries from entrepreneurs about how to raise money for their business. Well, I can help you write a business plan. I can also help you approach entrepreneurs. But if you haven't addressed the above information properly, it won't matter. No matter how much money you have, if you don't have a good business model you won't success. On the flip-side, if you DO have a good business model and you ARE winning new clients, getting funding will be much easier.

Then, it's simply a matter of making sure your financial numbers and projections are in order, and approaching the appropriate resources for the cash infusion you seek to GROW your business.

The problem with most people who are seeking to get money quickly is they are ignoring business basics and failing to develop a solid base of business BEFORE going for the cash. Now, in the case of the dot-com era, there was an exception to the rule. Many companies wanted to get online quickly and build it first, so they could establish market dominance. However, if you notice, there is still probably room for a company to sell books online successfully, even though Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble already have a strong market established. In addition, there is probably still a market for a better or faster web browser, although my guess is that the next killer application online won't be a browser at all.

True innovation often leads to breakthrough products and services. Have you put out the effort to innovate? If so, you'll attract the business you need to succeed.

Now, if your situation is that you've covered your bases, you have a basic business plan, you've built a team, you have a product, you're making sales and making money, and want to raise money, then let's talk about getting you quick money for your business.

You'll need to answer the questions:

"How much do you need?"

"Why should they give it to you?"

"How soon can you pay it back?"

Once you can answer these questions, and you have a stream of happy customers starting to line up outside your door, then email me and we'll go from there. Stay tuned for Raising Money To Start A Company Part II (coming soon).

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Aug 21, 2008

How To Guest On A Radio Show To Promote Your Business

Want to promote your business to a larger audience? Consider appearing on a radio show. Radio shows are fun, interactive, and an enjoyable way for the show listeners to engage with you and your topic.

My friend recently asked me how to prepare to be a guest on a radio show. It can be nerve-wracking, to say the least.

Here's my step-by-step guide on how to be more focused and highly successful when you appear on a radio show. When you follow my recommended these steps, you'll be professional guest and a welcome addition for any profession radio guest spot you might desire.

How To Guest On A Radio Show

1. Show Agreement. Make sure you know what you want to get out of the show, and what you can provide to the radio program audience. Try to tailor your talk slightly towards the show audience, as this matters to the host tremendously. Some traditional radio shows charge you to appear. Make sure you understand what you're getting before you agree to pay for the show. Many Internet radio shows are free, but they want you to bring your audience to their audience. Make sure you can promise this AND make sure you deliver your audience to the show by promoting it properly, too. This is as important as doing a good job on the show, to the host.

2. Choose an ENGAGING TOPIC. You may have done that in advance, as many hosts want to know your topic PRIOR to letting you on the show. So, these two may be interchangeable. I always find a humorous topic is helpful. Also, a topic of "How-to" can be good. Or something controversial. Try all three at once and really wow your audience!

To come up with your topic, pull from your background and what you want to promote the most, right now. If the host wants your background or a specific topic MORE than what you want to promote, don't worry about that. As long as you can tailor your talk to their topic, you'll then get a couple of chances to steer the talk towards what you want to promote during the show anyway. You could talk about losing weight. Maintaining optimum health. Talk about partnering with winners. Talk about being great. Talk about Living Your Dreams and then practical ways to do this. There are a lot of things you could talk about, with your experience. Pick one that excites you and you know people care about.

Well, a radio talk can be extemporaneous, where you answer 8 - 10 questions - write the Q's then the A's, then talk naturally.


You can plan your talk like you'd plan a speech, where you write your Main POINT first. Then three to five sub-points. Under each sub-point, you'll have a joke, a story, a statistic, an anecdote, etc., that backs up your sub-point. Stories are powerful. From each point there is a transition. If you write it well, you'll give your interviewer the transitions, so they look smooth and professional. You want to build in BREAKS to allow your interviewer to ask you questions. Most interviewers will ask you something (or a few things) off your sheet, out of personal interest. This will prove you know your stuff, too. Those are my favorite moments in radio interviews. The difference between a radio show talk speech and in-person talk is that the HOST will say your intro. So, write the intro for them. YOU will say the conclusion, so make sure that you get to that BEFORE the end of the show and in the way YOU WANT. Many guests let the host do this and miss their moment to summarize!

3. Show Description. Make sure to write the description of the show, and the headline, using GOOD COPY. COPY is the key to people dialing in and listening to your show! If you are unsure how to write good copy, study other talks and how they promote themselves. If you need further help, contact a copywriter. I can help, as I've written a lot of copy in the past, too. In the description, you might list three bullets of what show listeners might be struggling with - and the benefit of what they'll take away. For example:

Weight loss problem/benefit:
Stop struggling with diets that never work.... find the one way to lose weight that truly works and will keep the weight off.

Success problem/benefit:
Tired of going from job to job, trying to earn a buck...get a system that guarantees your will be successful and create the wealth and happiness you desire!

Building affiliates:
Wondering which affiliate is best...learn how to choose an affiliate who will make you look better and put big bucks in your bank account.

Use good copy and your show will attract MORE guests!

4. Your BIO. Make sure to give the show host your 1-3 paragraph bio. Trust me, they won't use more than two large paragraphs, so don't give them anything more than that. Make sure your BIO relates to your topic and also highlights the great things you've done in your past. Drop key names, company names, or programs/books you've written, helped write or develop. For AspireNow, I've always said something like "Scott's programs at help over 300,000 people from over 100 countries around the world." Find your numbers and multiply them and you might be surprised how many ways you can impress others! Your BIO must make you SHINE so don't be overly bashful or shy about your successes. Besides, the host is reading these things, not you.

5. Your Plug. The host wants to promote you and make you the star. Make it easy for them. Write two plug paragraphs with phone numbers, emails, URL etc. for the host to promote you and your business. Make it EASY for people to find and promote YOU and they WILL! Make each sentence a bullet. Use no more than 3 bullets for your plug.

6. Giveaway/Discount Freebie: Many guest speakers miss this opportunity, but the biggest reason many people will listen to a show is because you offer them a GIFT. It's like having a raffle at the end of a business meeting. After the raffle, people leave, but people WILL listen more when you offer a gift or giveaway. Pick something like a book, or discount on a training course, or if you've got the budget, something sexy like an iPod or FLIP Camera phone would certainly get me excited. Only do this for shows that have traffic of at least 40,000 people. Some hosts won't give you their traffic numbers, so choose how you gift wisely.

7. Pre-show Promotion: Prior to your appearance, make sure you promote your show 2 - 5 days prior to appearing on the show to your list via mail, email, social network updates, and so forth. Promote the show again electronically 1 hour prior to going on the air and you'll catch a good number of people in your network listening to the show. If you cannot do this, then at least let people know you're going on the air. The show host really CAN tell when you promote the show to your list and they really do CARE that you do so! They want to grow their audience as much as you want their exposure! Don't blow this step: it is the single most important thing you can do to grow your audience and secure future spots as a show guest on the same show.

8. Post-show promotion: After the show, if you have permission (I suggest you secure this in your agreement) to rebroadcast, you can convert your show to MP3 and then post it to a website, blog, email, newsletter, or as a thank you download for people who sign up for your list. It can be a valuable selling tool, too, so choose where you post it and how you post it wisely. If you need assistance with show placement, contact me. Don't blow this step, either. I've appreciated the traffic that continues to come to my radio shows from online posting of the show on other guest websites and newsletters. It DOES work, believe me. And, you'll be happy when someone hires you after listening to your radio show appearance, as has happened with several of my show guests!

9. Practice & Rehearse OUT LOUD: Make sure you practice your show out loud, and make sure you have time to cover your main points with the stories and everything you wish to share. Leave time for show commercials and the plugs, and then some. Make sure you SLOW your speech down and ENUNCIATE CLEARLY. Many people forget to do this. You want to speak to the lowest guest denominator, not the highest, so you will need to be slower and more clear than normal.

Appearing on a radio show is good exposure and a lot of fun. If you're considering being a guest on a show, can provide a list of traffic, and have an exciting topic, consider contacting me to appear on either AspireNow: Seriously Fun Self Help Show or ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business.

Good luck with your show and let me know if I can help!

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Aug 20, 2008

First Hour Of The Day Matters The Most

Time Management Tactics For Higher Success

Do you start your day by checking e-mail?

Or do you meet with staff?

Do you produce something?

Or pick up a phone?

If you're seeking more success, I'd like to propose you start the first hour of your day at work focusing on the most important task on your goal list at that time.

Most important things in the first hour:

I'm not saying to focus on the most time-sensitive, or the squeakiest wheel. Rather, focus on the most important thing to the development of your business.

Try putting the first hour as the most important hour, and do not allow interference with e-mail, telephones, interruptions, and other challenges to stop you from dedicating this time to getting something done.

My latest tactic is to dedicate 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break. My break is focused, just like the 50 minute time block.

We can't necessarily control time, but we CAN control how we manage the time we have.

Here's to your success!

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Aug 18, 2008

C-Level Coaching and Sales Management Services

ARRiiVE Business Solutions offers C-Level and Mid-Level Management Coaching, Consulting, Programs, and Services.

In case you're not up to speed on what we offer for Executive Management Services I'll review our services here for you:

Executive Excellence Co

Executive Excellence Coaching is a way to gain ideas and insights in a 2 hour coaching session where Scott Andrews, ARRiiVE's CEO reviews your business situation or current objectives, then provides you with a written report with recommendations to improve your business success. Find the missing piece to your business' success by gaining additional ideas, perspective, and wisdom.

Pricing For Executive Excellence: $1,000 per session, payable via PayPal or by check in advance.

Management Training

If you're seeking a way to implement better teamwork, higher productivity, or create better communication throughout your organization, then ARRiiVE Business Solutions' Management Training for implementation of the Diamond-Circle principles will benefit your team. Our methods typically result in 30% higher productivity. We also offer management training through Adventure or off-site training locations -- a useful method to build your team's trust in each other.

Pricing for Management Training: Our minimum charge for management training is $3,000, but may include additional stipulations, such as a % of increased results, depending upon the situation, location, and/or length of time commitment.

Sales Team Leadership System & Implementation Training

If you lead sales teams, you're likely facing challenges building a team and getting them to blow away their numbers. There are strategies I recommend to help you first build the right team, then coach the people on your team to higher success. Our sales team leader training results in 50% higher success over 90% of the time. The question isn't whether you can afford this training, but rather "can you afford not to implement this training?"

Pricing for Sales Team Leadership System & Implementation Training: We charge $2,000 per manager. This involves a two-day 4 hour per day training session, a workbook detailing how the Sales Diamond Team Building System and Aces Hiring System can be implemented on your team, and then additional coaching to help facilitate your use of these systems.

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Online OVERKILL: Go OFFLINE to Grow Customers, with Shel Horowitz on the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Show

This week on ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Radio:

Shel Horowitz on Online Overkill! Go OFFLINE to build real relationships and more sales with Shel Horowitz on "Real World (offline) Marketing!"

Visit the ARRiiVE: Innovations in Business Show ( at 2PM PST / 5PM EST on Wednesday, August 20th where Shel Horowitz discusses:

When: August 20 at 2PM PST or 5PM PST
Topic: Online Overkill! Go OFFLINE to build real relationships AND more sales.
Dial: (724)444-7444 enter 37798 # 1 # to call the show.
Online: Visit or to listen online.

Description: So many times we forget that people buy from people they feel they (1) know,
(2) trust, and (3) who inspire them in some way, shape, or form. Let's face it: the computer is a bit impersonal. Are you so wrapped up in all your social networks, email strategies, and other modern approaches that you've forgotten the old-school marketing methods
proven to work for the past 100 years?

There's a reason people use direct mail, telephones, and face-to-face marketing to sell products, even in 2008.

This is your chance to straighten up and fly right and get your real-world marketing act together!

Join Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions, as he interviews
Shel Horowitz, Author of Grassroots Marketing and Principled Profit,
for a special 45-minute show at ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business. It's
simple and easy to call in or listen during the show broadcast.

If you miss the show, visit or listen here at:

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Aug 14, 2008

Liz Taylor Murdered: The power of SPAM going too far

Today's #4 highest search term at Google Trends is "Liz Taylor Murdered". Out of curiosity, I clicked on it, as this is quite a shocking story.

From Google: Hot Trends (USA)

Aug 14, 2008 - change date
Updated 25 minutes ago

Guess what: the story about "Liz Taylor murdered" is a FAKE!

Don't you hate when you chase a story to learn what's happening, only to find out you've been duped by EMAIL SPAM? It happens to the best of us. However, I figured this one must be a fake because the Today show hadn't mentioned it, and "Liz Taylor murdered" would be one of those national stories to hit ALL the airwaves very quickly. As of last time I checked, Liz Taylor is now 76 and is still making appearances in glittery gowns with that wonderful smile of hers.

Frankly, I think it is a sick tactic by email spammers to use a celebrity murder to draw more traffic to their site. Worse than that, this email purportedly contains a VIRUS. Icky, huh?

So, why am I writing about it?

The first reason I'm writing about Liz Taylor murdered: To illustrate the power of EMAIL MARKETING If you're not yet dialed into ETHICAL email marketing, you might consider it. I help people design email campaigns and also offer a powerful email marketing software solution for anyone who is serious about doing massive email campaigns without SPAMMING people.

The second reason I'm discussing Liz Taylor murdered: To illustrate the power of KEY WORD PHRASES. If you haven't optimized your website key word phrases you might consider hiring an expert (hint, hint) to help you optimize your website for more traffic.

The third reason I'm talking about Liz Taylor murdered: Because I'm running a simple article marketing test to see if this article draws traffic just by discussing the email spam of a fake story. How crazy is that? I thought it made for an interesting research angle, so that's how I'm approaching it.

We'll see what happens and I'll report back to you on my findings soon.

Liz Taylor "Cleopatra" photo from Wikipedia.
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Aug 13, 2008

Simple Product Launch on Innovations In Business

ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Show featured "A Simple Approach To Product Launch" today (Wednesday, August 13) at 2PM PST - 5PM EST! (Miss the show? Scroll down for the UPDATE and RECORDING OF THIS KICK-ASS SHOW!)

Visit to hear me discuss a simple approach to e-mail marketing today (2PM PST) or call 724-444-7444 enter 37798#1# to call in.

Got a big idea but not sure where to start?
Are you struggling with product launch? In this call you'll receive:

  • Knowing product launch is more than a big idea...get sure about what else to do.
  • Getting solutions to "analysis by paralysis"...get off the dime and get something productive started.
  • Feeling like an amateur in a daunting world... get professional advice from a guy who learned from the school of hard knocks (well, and a few books, too).
Stop wasting time reading hundreds of books...get a simple approach to launch your product. Save valuable time and get the help you need to get your project happening in the way you need to succeed - right now! Don't miss this fun and educational call with Scott.

Show hosted by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions (

It's simple and easy to join - call (724) 444 -7444 enter 37798#1# to dial in or visit OR (see radio show link) to visit online and/or text chat questions to Scott.


MISS THE SHOW? Shame on you! Hee hee hee... okay, seriously, you're in luck: this call might be worth thousands to you. I've saved it and made it easy to listen to - just click the player here:

Want to get help for your product launch? Find an expert who has been there and done that (hint hint). Did this article offer you value? You can always contribute to my cause here:

Buy Your Blogger A Cup Of Coffee

Yeah, that's me, too! (As my Dad used to say when shlopping potatoes on my plate as a kid "It all goes the same place anyway!") Cheers!

Want to share your thoughts about this show? Weigh in below.

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Aug 11, 2008

Product and Service Innovation Team-Building

Are you innovating in a vacuum?

When you read this question, the knee-jerk response is to say “Hey, Scott, I don’t innovate in a vacuum. I always ask several of my friends and close advisors their opinions of my new (product/service/website/store layout/etc.).

If you’re focusing efforts on innovation, I’ve got a question for you:

Who are you involving in the process?

Some people think that by involving a bunch of other people means that you’re got a “team” approach to innovation. I beg to differ. I conceptualize that you need different personalities to make sure you’ve evaluated the full spectrum of personalities and perspectives on the product or service you’re innovating. Who do I think ought to be on your team? Check out this list:

The 7 Core Critical Innovation Team Players

1. Idea People.

If this isn’t you, find a couple. I’m fortunate, in that I’m able to “get on a roll” when I start brainstorming. I’ll throw out one idea (which might suck) and that leads to another idea (which might be good). If you’re like me, and think of ideas, then great. Otherwise, get someone like me on your team!

2. Designers.

The next people you need on your team to innovate are designers. Notice, these aren’t operations experts, family members, or other people you might have claimed were your “A-Team” before reading this. Nope. Designers think differently. They stop verbalizing and start DRAWING. Designers think visually. I love designers, because designers think differently than the average person. Designers are visual. A designer will take a concept and immediately start drawing it or combining random objects to visualize, physically, what you’re describing. I’m not talking about a PROFESSIONAL designer. Many people with design thinking aren’t even considered design professionals. Several qualities good “design” thinkers possess include: (a)”can-do”attitude, (b) think and draw simultaneously, (c) simplify complexity, and (d) consistency in performance. Designers also help you make sure your outcome is visually more attractive. Always have one designer – if not more – on your innovation team.

3. Logistics Experts.

By logistics, I don’t mean a nay-sayer, but someone who can think through the critical process of discovering an obstacle – finding a workaround – creating a solution type thinkers. Logistics Experts understand operational process, and quite good at constructing things. These are the engineers, the builders, and also include people who can reverse-engineer. Find one or two of these people to add to your team, and you’ll eliminate problems in functionality.

4. Marketing/Copywriter.

You’re going to need someone who knows how to spin your pitch. Make sure you’ve covered your basis. Don’t try to write your own copy when an expert will help you sell 10x whatever you might otherwise. Tighten your pitch and get good copy. You’ll be thanking me later.

5. Legal adviser.

You will need legal on your innovation team for trademark search and filing when you’re creating a new name. Make sure you don’t get the whole product or service designed, labeled, and shipped and then find out your trademark is in violation of someone else’s name. This will save you money down the road.

6. Accountant.

Make sure you can produce your design or service economically. When you ramp to scale, you do need a bean-counter on the team to make sure your ideas will be profitable.

7. Test-users.

I’m always surprised how few people conduct field-testing before rolling out a new service, a new product, or other innovation. If you haven’t tested people’s reaction to (a) your pitch, (b) product/service, (c) name/slogan/copy, (d) buying process, (e) usability, (f) customer experience, and so forth, you’re leaving a loophole that kinda matters: what people who buy your product/service actually THINK about it. Without that data, how are you ready to release? Make sure you test FIRST. It’s like the old carpenter cliché: “measure twice, cut once” and it applies to your innovative team, too.

So, that’s the core critical 7 team members of who I believe you need on your innovation team. Do you have other people or personality types you’ve found useful to develop innovative products and services? If so, share your comments below.


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Aug 8, 2008

Sales Training Services - Innovations In Sales Performance

ARRiiVE Business Solutions provides sales tips and training services. In addition, we offer services and programs designed to help you have a better plan for success as well as ways to execute your plan to high levels of success.

ARRiiVE Business Solutions systems, programs, and services to help you increase your sales team productivity and sales success:
Concepts of SellingSM
Complete Sales Success Program - train your team in a two-day face-to-face interactive training program. We'll customize our training for you regarding (a) prospecting, (b) building relationships, (c) the sales process, (d) better team-building for client success, (e) negotiation and closing. Currently unavailable due to high demand for Cold to Gold.

Cold To GoldSM (Webinar, In-Person Mind Spark Sessions)ARRiiVE's ColdToGold teaches how to stop blowing cold calls and start blowing away your quota! Gain straight-talk insights on how to get appointments with C-Level contacts on a routine basis.

Sales Plan (Sales Plans, Strategy)
Get a professional Sales Plan, can be used as a general plan for a Senior Vice President of Sales for a major corporation or for a CEO of an entrepreneurial start-up. Our plans are highly effective at helping you maximize your sales opportunities and deliver the highest sales results.
(100% Success Sales Plans - Contact us to learn more.)

Golden Nuggets - Better Sales Management Tips (coming soon!)

Golden Nuggets are video training films you may use to (a) improve your sales team performance, (b) feature a sales tactic in a sales training meeting, (c) refresh your particular sales skills, (d) close more business!

Visit ARRiiVE Business Solutions to learn more, or contact us to request a custom quotation of services for your business needs.

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Aug 7, 2008

Marketing & Research Innovative Services

Are you seeking innovations in marketing and marketing research?

We now offer the following services to help you expand and better understand ways to innovate your marketing success:

  • Blog Testing and Design
  • Search Engine Research and Optimization
  • Traffic Burst(SM) Service - Get Top Ten Search Engine Placement
  • Community Centers, Webcasts, and Radio Shows for Interactivity
  • Ad Campaign Sales Copy Testing & Analytics
  • Blog & Ad Copy, Layout and Placement To Maximize Conversion
  • Video Tools and Usage Design
  • Landing Page Testing and Design
  • Online Survey, Data Mining Tools & Analytics
We can either offer these services directly or through one of our highly-qualified business partners. Are you interested in innovating your marketing success?

Contact ARRiiVE today and share your needs so we can get started.

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Be A Better Entrepreneur: The Savvy Entrepreneur Series, Part II

If you have an inkling of an idea, you might be considering becoming an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have an interesting life, without a doubt. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you'll learn many skills you might not posses from the corporate world, for sure. And, thankfully, there are wise owls willing to share their experience with us. For my part, I'll share what I've learned with you, and point out several aspects of entrepreneurialism I discovered the old-fashioned way: from the school of hard knocks!

Keys To Becoming A Better Entrepreneur

1. Your "Big Idea" is just that. Somewhere between 5 and 500 other people in the world may have had the exact same light bulb moment you did. The only difference is who will ACT on their big idea.

2. Your "Big Idea" is just a beginning. Where do you go from here? How do you create a plan? What ways might you implement your strategy? Who will you hire? Where will you base your headquarters? Who should you hire to help? There are so many questions facing entrepreneurs - start to make a list of ways you think you might need help. Then seek out resources to help you in your journey.

3. Most companies do not fail because their idea stinks. Most companies fail because their execution stinks. What am I talking about? Well, for starters, how well are you managing your money? This is the #1 place businesses fail.

(# Months) Life of business = $ in bank - burn rate per month + new money in.

This is the bottom line. Yep, cash IS king! If you're able to get your ego out of the way, you might look at this first:

a. How much money are you bringing in versus how much money are you spending?

When you can answer that question and the money in is greater than the money out, you're getting somewhere!

What's the next biggest area of execution where people fail? They go it alone. It isn't easy to be an entrepreneur. It's even harder to do it by yourself. This is why my firm, ARRiiVE Business Solutions, has two "i" letters (and why they're emphasized) -- because you no longer have to feel you're launching your product by yourself. I help you and we're now a team! i and i is the Rastafarian way of saying "we" so why not "i" and "i" doing it together?! Anyway, decide what kind of help you want on your team: marketing, legal, financial, operational, managerial, sales, support, HR, etc., and go get it. Most companies need help with either marketing or operations. The positions I've hired or outsourced have been marketing 60%, operations 25% and legal and financial the remainder. Make sure, at the least, that you have a good attorney and a good accountant. Their advice is always handy.

b. Get good help. Most entrepreneurs have a difficult time getting past their ego. If you can't get beyond your own "I think I know the answer" problem most entrepreneurs suffer from, you won't ever lift a finger or write a check to get help from people who can and will help you. I'd start with your operations. Make sure you have a solid product or service to offer FIRST, then you'll have a solid way to make money.

c. While you're getting help, make sure your marketing is in order. Most entrepreneurs skimp on part of their marketing. Perhaps they think that saving money in this area is wise, but it is the wrong place to save (I'll say more on that in a bit) but no -- make sure you spend money where you need to in order to have solid marketing.

Critical Marketing Success Tactics

1. Get A Logo. Your logo represents what you do. When I designed my first logo, I hired a graphic designer to help. (See My second logo, third, fourth, and fifth, I hired out help, too. Now I design logos for others whenever I want the side work, see for an example of a logo I designed.

2. Professional Business Card. Hire a professional designer and use proper card stock. You'd be surprised how much more seriously people take you when you make this one simple change. If you're using the Avery ink jet printer cards, stop right now, call me. I can help you. The layout on your card is as important as the stock. I've also seen people skimp thinking they know graphic design (artists, especially) and then after I get through with their card, they always thank me for improving their card design.

3. Professional Website. Get your website right. Don't start big (like I did) start small. Keep it simple. Then focus on getting the word out and building traffic. The good news is that today you can start a website far less expensively and with much more power than when I started The bad news is that there are MILLIONS of sites you're now competing with. You'll likely need to hire an expert who knows how to get Top 10 position on Google and can teach you tricks how to drive traffic to your site (hint, hint). I have designed many websites. At ARRiiVE Business Solutions, I still offer web design as a service even though I now outsource 98% of this work. This is a good thing, because you gain extra eyeballs on the site design challenge and also gain another expert's opinion in the process, along with someone who's been there and done that and also understands layout AND sales copy. I find this useful to my clients and they're happy with the end-result.

4. Off-line Promotions. Are you going to trade shows? Are you going door-to-door? Are you speaking publicly about your services or related topics? (Speaking drives a considerable stream of revenue to my business). Have you created a nice 3-part brochure that showcases your product(s) and service(s) properly? Again, hire it out, do it right. But once you have the material to hand someone, you have to take ACTION and get out there. Go to networking events. Leave them with something but always ASK FOR SOMETHING in return. How can they help? Who do they know? Can THEY use your service?

5. Hone your Sales Skills. Entrepreneurs must learn to sell or they will fail - period. You must be a good salesperson. Right now, I offer a lot of sales advice at the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business blog. You can browse around there, although sign-up for the blog on email because in the future I'll be offering video training to help you improve your sales techniques and grow success.

6. Improve Your Marketing Pitch. When you can say what you do in 20 seconds and people get excited and ask you to meet with them, you've got your pitch refined. Seriously, that's the essence of it, right there. Test it, test it, test it, practice saying it BEFORE that important contact at the mixer you attend, so you have it right on target there and capture what you need from those vital interactions.

There's so much more to being an entrepreneur... if I could leave you with one super-valuable piece of advice I learned the hard way: downsize your expenses immediately. Many entrepreneurs only give themselves 6 months worth of money to make it. We all read how it takes entrepreneurs up to 5 - 10 years to succeed, but then why would we only allow our self only six months? This is stupid. It is ego. Take out your ego and downsize immediately if you are serious about making this dream a reality. Sell your house, drive a less-expensive car, get rid of HBO, do whatever it takes, but downsize your bills. Figure out how to give yourself a 5 year money plan and then spend your money wisely.

If I had done this one step of advice I just gave you, I would have incurred zero debt during my first five years of business. Instead, I continued to live in an expensive house, drive a nice truck, and kept the cable bill on. Be smart with your money, and then figure out how to make more money quickly, and build, and improve, and learn, and improve. Notice I said "learn" not fail. I don't view failure as failure unless I failed to learn from it. So, I say learn, build, improve, learn, build, improve... it's a multi-part process. We will take a step back once in a while. But learn and then go two or three steps forward.

Take a deep breath... exciting days are ahead of you!

Coming soon:

Be Different: The Savvy Entrepreneur Series, part 3 of 10.

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Innovations In Teamwork

Are you frustrated with corporate environments that limit your ability to create, collaborate, and share ideas freely?

I know the feeling. That's why I recorded a special radio show on the subject of the problem with PYRAMID systems and my approach to a solution, the DIAMOND-CIRCLE.

I call it turning the pyramid from TOP-DOWN to INSIDE-OUT. My model has the core not at the top, but in the middle. My functional managers aren't on rings further down a pyramid ladder, but layered in concentric circles from the core.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, I'm creating software to help facilitate this type of model in enterprise systems and organizations. It is especially useful when you have groups located across geographical boundaries and crossing functional boundaries. If you want to be on the email list for BETA experimentation, please contact me.

Otherwise, you might enjoy my discussion on this subject here:

If you're interested in learning ways to create an empowered organization in your company, school, or government organization, contact me. I'll be happy to explain more and help you out where I can. I also provide more detailed consulting on how to implement systems that employer people to collaborate, create, and be more confident that their voice is heard.

It starts at the top. You've got to be the change you want to see manifested in your organization. Are you strong enough to brave the forces who will ridicule the paradigm shift? If you are, then you're the type of leader I'm seeking to work with.

If you're further down in your organization, but want to see the type of change I'm describing, then contact me to get your voice heard. It can start as simply as commenting on this post. Weigh your thoughts in below.

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Aug 4, 2008

Want to Guest on ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business?

We're seeking guests for the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business RADIO SHOW.

The ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business Show details and examples:

Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions, hosts the show on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM PST. You can see other shows, where we’ve had guests like Michael Luckman, Guy Kawasaki, and others, at We don’t charge for the show; however, we DO request you promote to your list TWO times – once before we air and once AFTER we post the show online. ARRiiVE retains the copyright to the show although we do authorize complete show linkage or posting the green player on your site or blog.

What's our requirement? Basically, you need to (a) have a name in the industry, (b) established yourself as an "expert" on your topic, and (c) have a list of 3,000 or more to whom you can promote the show. The last detail, obviously, is the most important. The bigger your list and the promotion effort you put into helping us get the word out, the higher odds you'll be invited back to additional show appearances.

ARRiiVE Show Agreement: You agree to appear on a 45 minute show on your scheduled date – up to an hour if we have a lot of questions at end of show.

There is no charge to appear on the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business show at this time. retains copyright. You have right to rebroadcast show (in entirety) or post links to show at your blog, website, or newsletters. You authorize ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business or ( to rebroadcast this show and to release a special promotion CD of the show, or segment of the show, for sale at a future date and time, at our discretion.

You agree to promote the show at least 1 day prior to the show and again after the show has been broadcast. This is one of our strategies for growing our show audience (cross-pollination!)

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless ARRiiVE Business Solutions, Scott Andrews, and the show producers for any perceived harm or actual harm or loss caused by appearing on this broadcast.

Obviously, it is our objective to make you a star and that is our approach to this show. Other show guests have received contracts, signings, and traffic as a result of appearing on the ARRiiVE show, and as the show grows that impact ought to continue. Some shows have been downloaded over 4,000 times in one month, so if a show “takes off” it can be quite beneficial to the guest.

Another benefit of the show is you will receive an MP3 “reusable audio” file that can be broadcast as a “thank you” or special feature on a site, newsletter, blog, and such.

You also agree to provide the following information at least 2 weeks prior to the show, so the host can properly prepare for your interview:

Topic: (preferably optimized for SEO as this will be a header broadcast over multiple RSS feeds)
Keywords for your topic:
Topic Description:
1 Short Paragraph Bio:
8 Q’s to ask you on the show and 8 probable responses so I can follow and interject at appropriate moments
Plug break: website, phone number, program you’d like me to plug – at least two plugs during the show

Special gifts: if you have any gifts, discounts, books, ebooks, or such you’d like to offer to our show’s guests or listeners

Keep it fun, make it a little controversial, and certainly entertaining and interesting, and you're certain to get booked again and again. Thanks and look forward to it!

ARRiiVE Business Solutions

P: 805-459-6939



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