Aug 20, 2008

First Hour Of The Day Matters The Most

Time Management Tactics For Higher Success

Do you start your day by checking e-mail?

Or do you meet with staff?

Do you produce something?

Or pick up a phone?

If you're seeking more success, I'd like to propose you start the first hour of your day at work focusing on the most important task on your goal list at that time.

Most important things in the first hour:

I'm not saying to focus on the most time-sensitive, or the squeakiest wheel. Rather, focus on the most important thing to the development of your business.

Try putting the first hour as the most important hour, and do not allow interference with e-mail, telephones, interruptions, and other challenges to stop you from dedicating this time to getting something done.

My latest tactic is to dedicate 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break. My break is focused, just like the 50 minute time block.

We can't necessarily control time, but we CAN control how we manage the time we have.

Here's to your success!

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