Aug 18, 2008

C-Level Coaching and Sales Management Services

ARRiiVE Business Solutions offers C-Level and Mid-Level Management Coaching, Consulting, Programs, and Services.

In case you're not up to speed on what we offer for Executive Management Services I'll review our services here for you:

Executive Excellence Co

Executive Excellence Coaching is a way to gain ideas and insights in a 2 hour coaching session where Scott Andrews, ARRiiVE's CEO reviews your business situation or current objectives, then provides you with a written report with recommendations to improve your business success. Find the missing piece to your business' success by gaining additional ideas, perspective, and wisdom.

Pricing For Executive Excellence: $1,000 per session, payable via PayPal or by check in advance.

Management Training

If you're seeking a way to implement better teamwork, higher productivity, or create better communication throughout your organization, then ARRiiVE Business Solutions' Management Training for implementation of the Diamond-Circle principles will benefit your team. Our methods typically result in 30% higher productivity. We also offer management training through Adventure or off-site training locations -- a useful method to build your team's trust in each other.

Pricing for Management Training: Our minimum charge for management training is $3,000, but may include additional stipulations, such as a % of increased results, depending upon the situation, location, and/or length of time commitment.

Sales Team Leadership System & Implementation Training

If you lead sales teams, you're likely facing challenges building a team and getting them to blow away their numbers. There are strategies I recommend to help you first build the right team, then coach the people on your team to higher success. Our sales team leader training results in 50% higher success over 90% of the time. The question isn't whether you can afford this training, but rather "can you afford not to implement this training?"

Pricing for Sales Team Leadership System & Implementation Training: We charge $2,000 per manager. This involves a two-day 4 hour per day training session, a workbook detailing how the Sales Diamond Team Building System and Aces Hiring System can be implemented on your team, and then additional coaching to help facilitate your use of these systems.

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  1. People are often hesitant to work with a business coach because they are not sure what to expect. Well, at the most basic level, the coach is there for support. A coach never tells you what to do. They just prompt and encourage.


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