Apr 6, 2008

It's Simple And Easy

Have you ever read the copy of a marketing program?
You know, not just read it, as a consumer, but turn it around and read it as a marketer?

Your perspective shifts, quickly.

For example, a long time ago I learned two words that sell more of anything. These words apply to selling a house, selling a car, marketing a vacation program, selling an online e-learning course, or almost anything I can think of.

These two words WILL increase your sales conversation rate.

They won't take out the garbage or mow the lawn, but they will help you pay for getting the garbage picked up and the lawn mowed.

What are these two magic sales words?

"It's SIMPLE and EASY."

Examples of using SIMPLE and EASY:

"It's so simple, you'll be shocked at how easy it is to install."
"It's simple and easy to book your vacation."
"It's simple and easy to call into my radio show."
"You'll love how simple and easy it is to use our DVD player."
"The controls are amazingly simple and easy. Just follow these three steps..."

Can you see how it works?

Now, you can use simple and easy even if the program isn't that simple and easy. I don't recommend deceptive marketing, though, so if you feel like your program is complicated, look at it in the simplest form, then make it work that way. Therefore, when you say it is simple and easy to use it, you're telling the truth. It's called responsible marketing.

Try using simple and easy five times every time you are pitching something. "Notice how simple and easy this is to call our support line?" then a while later "Not only that, but it's really simple and easy to sign up for this great way to improve your service," and so on.

Simple and easy will help you sell more.

Try using these key selling words with your marketing and sales approaches.

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