Apr 30, 2008

Don't Quit When You Fail To Sell

Recently, I went through a sales slump. It happens to the best. This, just after a month when I sold 80% of everything I touched. So, with the ugly month after the great month, I'm still doing fine.

But, I have to share with you, when I was in the middle of that slump it seemed like nothing I could say worked. I lost all kinds of business that I could have won. Then again, many of the prospects I was meeting weren't going to buy, either.

Sometimes, sales is a matter of qualifying up front. Now, if your sales position doesn't allow you to pre-qualify your prospects, and you have to work certain accounts or prospects, then you simply have to take your lumps and stay positive through any down cycle. However, I do have a few ideas that might help you start selling again.

Here are a few tips I have for you to remain positive when you're not closing deals:

1. Keep on plugging. Don't stop showing up for work, don't show up late to appointments, and keep yourself on time and focused.

2. Remain positive. Use a touch-stone to put you in your "magic place" before you begin your sales calls. Pump your fist in the air. Make sure you eat properly, get a good night's sleep, and smile with your mouth AND eyes!

3. Tighten up your pitch. If you're missing on some deals you'd normally close, it is possible you've gotten off of your pitch. I find that usually when I miss deals I ought to have won, it is because I made the mistake of selling BEFORE thoroughly understanding my client's needs. If you make that mistake, you're showing them that you care more about YOU than THEM. And most clients want it the other way around. Show them you care, first. Confirm that you heard them right. THEN propose your solution. Use less time to sell, keep it tight, focused, and on track, and you'll get the next one.

The bottom line is: when you're failing, if you know you're a winner, keep the faith. You WILL turn it around. I know I did. And it is a GREAT feeling!

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