Jan 28, 2009

Selling Tips: Don't bring a gun to pick cabbage

If you're in sales, you must think like a hunter.


Because hunters go get deals and close them. They're not afraid to pick up a phone. They're not scared to make a presentation. And they sure the heck aren't afraid of asking a closing question. It's like the movie Glen Gary Glen Ross, "Always Be Closing." There's some validity to that.

Now, if you want to build relationships and HOPE someone might buy from you SOME DAY (and can afford that amount of time to WAIT) then you're a FARMER. That's what farmers do: they plant vegetables. They seed them. They fertilize them. They watch out for floods, heat waves, and pests. Then they harvest their crop. They then go to market and get the price the market will bear in price for their crop.

Obviously, farming is a system, too, but it is different than strapping on a gun, wearing camouflage, blowing a whistle, raising a gun, and shooting your game, right?

My approach is to always start with each prospect in HUNTER mode. Why? Because it keeps me sharp and aggressive. Otherwise, I can turn weak and don't get my sales objectives as much as I want. But, when I stay in hunter mode, I kick ass. Can you relate?

There is a time to switch to FARMER mode; however. When someone says "Yes, I'm interested, but this isn't a good time," you can't keep pushing. Instead, offer them an opportunity to learn now by sending them something they can passively review and get back to you, and put a note in your software or day timer to follow up on the appropriate date they suggest. That's more of a FARMER mode than HUNTER mode. Now, if they call me back, I can go back into HUNT mode. Or, when I get back with them, I can regain my HUNTER form. But for that moment, you back off and be their friend. It's a form of permission marketing. You only want to be marketing/hunting when they're interested (or in season). It's the best way to grow your pipeline.

You don't bring a gun to pick cabbage because when you're selling you are hunting. Make sure you bring the right MENTALITY and you'll grow your selling success.

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