Jan 5, 2009

How To Build Success In A New Year From Day 1

Want to get your New Year off to a good start?

I'll give you a simple way to build success in a New Year from Day 1:

Take the one project you feel is MOST IMPORTANT to your personal or company success and do it right now. If at all possible try to finish the project in one day.

If the project is too big to complete in one day, complete it in as short of time possible:

two days
one week
two weeks
one month
one quarter

But get it DONE. If it is the project most important to your success, you ought to do it first.

After you've completed it, write me back and let me know how completing that project impacted your year, okay?

BONUS: If you were holding a party for 100 CEO's in a major city (SF, NY, etc.) and had a budget of $1,000 or less, what would you do to make the event memorable?

Idea 1: Have everyone dress up in funny colors or polka dots. People remember events where they dress unusual.

Idea 2: Hire a cartoonist to write cartoons depicting conversations and random happenings at the event. Later, post the cartoons into a slide show so they can laugh at what happened, or get inspired by the ideas shared.

Idea 3: Hold the event somewhere unusual: a beach, a park, a theater.

Idea 4: Expand upon idea 2 - have someone video the event. Have another artist paint what happens. Raffle off the painting to go to the cause you select, but video the painting, video the cartooning, and video any other music (bands might play free if you held a contest first giving them desirable publicity).

Idea 5: Have someone dress up as the ego, another as the super-ego, and another as the ID. Each has to play their part when they converse.

Idea 6: Perform a skit: the CEO has to be janitor. The HR person the employee who is under performing, the sales superstar is HR, the customer service agent is the salesperson, the administrator the CEO, the janitor the graphic designer, and so on. Have them take on their roles with a Mad Lib about a company and act or play it out.

Idea 7: Suggest a potluck with a dish they've never cooked before, from a country they are not from. Then everyone will experience how hard it is to cross cultural lines but make a sincere effort to partake as they eat their food.

These are just a few ideas... what ideas do you have to contribute?

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