Jan 14, 2009

From Naysayer To Optimist In Two Words

"This won't work."

Have you ever found yourself uttering those words?

Is this comment a form of negativity? Being real? Truthful? Or is this a form of pessimism? Perhaps saying "this won't work" is all of the above? Do you think it EMPOWERS the audience or TEARS THEM DOWN?

There are times when we're trying to do something difficult and someone utters "this won't work."

I'd say you're tearing down ideas, rather than building them up. In other words, you're a naysayer! Nobody digs a negative whiner. If you catch yourself doing this, let me assure you it is time to revise your language (and attitude)!

A revised approach:

The next time you find yourself saying these words, or anything like them, try ADDING TWO SIMPLE WORDS into the sentence:


So, instead of saying "I can't write this article" say "I can't write this article UNLESS WE..."

What's the point of using "UNLESS WE" to shift from naysayer to optimist?

Because by adding "UNLESS WE" into the sentence, you force yourself to think of a SOLUTION to the challenge. Now, you are no longer part of the problem, but by answering UNLESS WE you become part of the SOLUTION everyone desires to achieve.

Be an optimist. Believe and hope in your projects. Create success with the words you use!

Bonus Hard Things First Update: Do the important, hard things first. Do you remember me writing about this? If you've gotten bogged down in any goals for the New Year, a quarter, a month, or a week, the odds are you failed to do the hardest things first. Get back on track! Put off the things you don't need to do. Put off all time-wasters. Avoid partying or doing any extra-curricular activities until you get the hard, important things DONE. Once you get them done, the month and quarter will open up to many more possibilities. (I'm doing this myself, right now).

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