Jan 16, 2009

10 Habits of Top Sales Performers

If you're seeking to become a top "sales" performer, either for your own company or selling for someone else's company, you might review the following habit guidelines:

10 Habits of Top Sales Performers

1. Top sales performers set specific and measurable goals.

If you set a goal of 200% quota, you tend to over-achieve every year, year in and year out.

2. Top sales performers embody the lifestyle that they are selling.

For example, when I sold vacations, I took vacations, so that I could show pictures that related to what I talked about with the people touring with me. It made my presentations more "real" and gave credibility to my sales pitch.

3. Top sales performers are more concerned about how to make others feel good about themselves than what other people think of them.

If you're focused on your client, you aren't worried about bragging or showing off. You're focused on the client's needs and ways to relate your solution to those needs.

4. Top sales performers strive for balance in all areas of their lives.

I've met people who sold a lot and could be described as work-a-holics and those who worked six hour days but sold double the work-a-holic. How did they do it? By working smarter and leveraging company and personal resources (such as their boat, game tickets, golf, and so forth). Their personal life blended with work so that it didn't feel like they were working all the time.

5. Top sales performers give credit to others.

You'll notice how superstar ball players, when asked how they made their difficult shot or play, will often deflect to the team "well, it was a team effort, I put it up and it went good" would be typical.

6. Top sales performers live in a state of gratitude.

Being grateful for abundance is an attitude that begets more abundance.

7. Top sales performers believe in treating others with integrity and respect.

Have you ever seen a salesperson outright lying to a prospect? I've seen it and it makes me sick. I find that the very best salespeople don't need to lie. They are so good at bonding with their client that they simply relate and close more easily.

8. Top sales performers listen twice as much as they speak. Another way to put this is top sales performers listen first and try to sell or solve problems second.

Most salespeople ought to put this one at #1 on their list and just focus on this trait. Simply by listening twice as much you can double your sales results. There's an expression I recall "keep it in the bag" meaning that you leave your "bag of tricks" and just listen. Then, after you fully confirm what the prospect needs, you offer your solution in a timely manner.

9. Top sales performers help others freely.

I recall when a manager asked me to be a "mentor" to new salespeople. I agreed. I remember how both salespeople I mentored later went on to become top salespeople in the company. My help put them on the path quicker so they could succeed faster than others. I gave them the inside track to what worked at the company and what didn't. If you're new at a company, seek out the top performer and ask them what worked for them. The best of the best will always help you out.

10. Top sales performers look for reasons people need their solution and why they might buy. They have a positive attitude.

I recall some deals I think I made in my past simply by driving by the prospects building, and THINKING I could close business there, some day. Then, throughout my week, I'd put out some effort towards each of those accounts I'd driven by. It is amazing how many of those I closed in my career! I called it "drive-by" selling as a joke, but the reality was I used the power of BELIEVING I CAN to succeed.

Use "I CAN" and "I WILL" in your statements about prospects, and you'll sell more.

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