Feb 27, 2008

Email Marketing: More That Buy

My Lorman's Email Marketing Seminar in San Jose today was rescheduled. For those of you who were aching to learn about my content for this show, I've decided to post my slide show and review these slides in a webinar next week.

Although the talk was cancelled, you now get a chance to have me personally walk you through the slides, share personal stories of success, and also learn the secrets *not* contained in this slide show. To gain access you'll want to be on my conference call on March 6, 2008, at the ARRiiVE Innovations In Business Show.

Get Access To The WEBINAR:

Get personal attention from Scott Andrews: this will be a private call. The call will be held on March 6, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. PST Just CLICK HERE to sign-up. It's just $29 to gain access to this private WEBINAR. Act now - space is limited to 10 people on this call so I can give you proper attention.

One I receive your payment, I'll give you the access to the call.

Click Here To Sign Up!

You'll kick yourself if you miss out on this one! Save money and sign-up today. Otherwise, I'll be selling the complete program with slides, the e-book, and the recording of the call online for $47 US after the call.

Here's the slides for the call in advance:

So, Click Here To Sign Up today and get a discount from the advanced program!

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