Nov 15, 2007

Top 6 Secrets To Success

Almost every person I know WANTS to succeed. Or, at least, they say they do.

Some people want friendships. Others want financial wealth. And others want to reach power or influence many people. Some just want to live a contented, happy, and simple life. Do you know what you want? What is success to you?

Here is my Top 6 Secrets To Success list:

  1. Set and write down your goals. The 3% who write down their goals achieve more wealth, happiness, and success than the other 97%. Be one of the 3%.

  2. Work a plan to achieve your goals. Do something EVERY day. Tackle some of the long-term goals every week.

  3. Know your limitations. Then expand what you can do. Don't let anyone else tell you what your limitations are. Only you can determine this list.

  4. Trust your intuition. Your gut feel is usually right. There is an "inner core" that you can drill into. And that core is whatever brings you closer to SPIRIT or the INFINITE CONSCIOUS ENERGY that runs through all things (some call this God). To the extent that you tap into this core, this is the "gut" that drives success in organizations.

  5. Never quit. In the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never, never, never give up." Many people are on the verge of succeeding right about the point where they quit. It might make sense to adjust and modify a plan. But to quit is the definition of the person who stops learning, because failure ought only be a "learning experience" on the path to success.

  6. Dream larger dreams. Often, people do not achieve great things because they don't reach for their larger dream. As much as we need to know our limitations, we also ought not limit our own greatness. There's enough obstacles to overcome without putting our own thoughts in the way. Think big. Then do big things.
There are other secrets to success, but these are the six secrets leaders ought to master first.

Post by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions.

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