Nov 7, 2007

7 Ways To Build A Massive E-Mail Marketing List

You can have what you want if you have the right list. Join me today for a very special broadcast with Jen Blackert (, author, coach, speaker, and professional podcaster, who will be sharing her secrets to BUILDING A LIST THAT ROCKS: 7 Ways to Build a Massive E-Mail Marketing List! With an email list in the thousands, Jen ought to know how to build both an online and offline list to get what you want out of your blog, podcast, or website. She will describe practical and useful methods she's used herself to build a successful email marketing list. As a marketing guru who is also a Law of Attraction success coach, Jen will offer us some of her insights that normally would cost $87.00 to purchase on her CD learning program or even more to hear her speak in person.

Join us by calling: 724-444-7444 (enter i.d. 37798) or going to on the Web to Chat and Talk Live, or to hear the rebroadcast if you miss the show.

Post by Scott Andrews, CEO of ARRiiVE Business Solutions.

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