Oct 27, 2009

King Solomon's Wisdom and Building an Organization

I'm working on a new book based upon an article I published at AspireNow called "Great Leaders Series: How King Solomon's Wisdom Built a Kingdom" that I'll be rolling out along with several other books and workbooks this next year. Articles related to leadership, sales, and success are now published here at the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business blog.

Have you seen the article on using King Solomon's Wisdom To Build A Team?

In the article, I bring up several issues and questions entrepreneurs face:
  1. How to align your organization for optimum chances of success?

  2. Where to focus your efforts to succeed?

  3. What way to gather resources?

  4. How to organize for selling and profit?

  5. How to eliminate strife internally?

  6. What type of partnerships to build?

  7. How to ensure your leadership role will last?

  8. How and when to inspire and celebrate?

  9. How to avoid extravagence to maintain bottom line growth?

  10. How to ensure longevity of the organization?

Yes, all of these questions are answered by studying King Solomon, who according to the Bible, was the wisest of men. King's Solomon's wisdom definitely shows in how he built his kingdom. If we are to learn how best to lead an organization, why not study the very best?

So, I encourage you to review the article on King Solomon. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in the book that are not listed here, or perhaps to enhance or further investigate other aspects of Solomon's approach to leadership, please suggest them in the comments here at the ARRiiVE: Innovations In Business blog, or contact me directly.

(Note: above image provided courtesy wikipedia, Solomon and Queen of Sheba, by Giovanni Demin.)

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