Mar 21, 2011

Social Networking Fad or Fabulous?

Is Social Networking a Fad or FABULOUS for local businesses?

For my answer, watch this:

"I know our business needs to be doing all that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube stuff, but we're just too busy doing our normal work to do it right." -- Local Business Owner

If your business is not on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, let me guess:

You do not have time for social networking.

Well, if that is you, you pretty much have three choices:

1. Keep doing what you are doing.

You remember that saying about the best definition of insanity, "to keep doing the same thing but expect different results"? Well, that is most likely not our readers, right? We know our readers are "take action" kind of people, most entrepreneurs are! So, most likely, you are asking "what's behind door number two and three?" Okay, so I will share...

2. Do it yourself.

Wait a minute. You just said you are too busy to post to social networks yourself, right? Do you have staff that can do it for you? If you do, that is great for you. If you don't, and you are already too busy, and the idea of sitting in front of a computer saying God only knows what on social networks does not appeal to you, then you probably already know what number three is. However, is you DO decide to go your own route, or have your employees do your social networking, then I advise you to get proper training on HOW to social network. I will be rolling out a new training program through ARRiiVE Business Solutions in the next month that will help you out. So, stay tuned. If you do not do it yourself, and do not have your people do it for you, then you are left with one last option - hire someone else to do it.

3. Outsource it.

Now, personally, I have mixed feelings about outsourcing social networking. Done wrong, it feels about as human as the way the Terminator talked when he first showed up in that bar. Done right, your social network can grow fast! I know, because we've been doing it right for SLO Jazz Festival, where our Festival's page grew from less than 40 to over 400 in just one month without a list to build from. Another reason to outsource your social marketing is that people who perform this service are EXPERTS at social networking and all the aspects of it: copyrighting, ideas to post, what types of tactics to use, why posts get interaction, and ways to expand the network. Think about it. You get hired because you are an expert. Well, so are they.

If you are an expert in your trade, which could be anything from running a local cafe to cutting down trees or painting, you are probably not a guru on Facebook, Twitter, My____, and YouTube. Right?

So, if that's you, you may be interested in the service ARRiiVE Business Solutions created to help meet this need, INTELLIGENT SOCIAL NETWORKING (for business success online).

To learn more, simply visit ARRiiVE's website. We can help. I hope you DO take action on your social networking. Do not just sit there and let your competition beat you online. If you have questions, feel free to call me and I will help out as I can - it may be worth a coaching session or two even if you decide to go your own way and/or train your team.

As you can tell, I feel Social Networks may change, but the smart businesses will be adapting along with the changes and build their company business social network in an INTELLIGENT way. That is why I call this service INTELLIGENT SOCIAL NETWORKING. The Internet landscape changed when Facebook created a way to market that is more powerful than your website. Now people SHARE what they LIKE with other people. In addition, this matters as much as a friend asking "Hey, who do you use to cut your lawn?" -- these questions and referrals are happening constantly on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites.

Do not let social networking pass your business by any more. Especially, if you are in launch mode, your launch plan MUST consider social networking. As usual, we are here to help answer questions, and guide you along the path to greater business, team-building, sales, and marketing success. Contact me at 805-459-6939 with any questions - I am here to help!
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