Feb 25, 2010

My Sales Team Is A Bunch Of Order Takers

Do you need more sales? Are your sales people good at taking orders but failing at making the numbers?  Have you ever said "Why won't my salespeople pick up the phone and grow some new accounts for us?"

Or, have you ever caught yourself saying "My Sales Team Is A Bunch Of Order Takers"?!

You're not alone. It is why I created Cold to Gold TM (www.ColdtoGold.com). The truth is that salespeople lack a system for getting in the door. Companies, thinking salespeople need to be trained on how to make a sale, spend tons of money on consultative selling processes and company product knowledge training sessions. Your salespeople could have all the knowledge in the world, but if they lack a system to help them actually get in the door, make a call, send an email, or get the appointment, they never get the meeting in the first place!

After realizing I knew how to get in the door AND how little companies were spending on this valuable service, I developed Cold to Gold specifically to meet this need. Cold to Gold breaks down the problem most companies have with their approach to prospecting. We analyze the error in how salespeople approach the entire prospecting process: from strategy to research, practice, cold calls, emails, letters, phone techniques, and move each Mind Spark Session TM participant from guesswork approaches that fail to surefire methods that win. Some salespeople will DOUBLE their production within just days after learning Cold to Gold.

Mind Spark Sessions are a system of learning I discovered by studying the best teachers and learning systems in the world. It is based on 4-hour workshops. I call them mind spark sessions because of the way the information is taught is the fastest way of getting the information in my brain into your brain short of a "Vulcan Mind Meld"! Mind Spark Sessions are highly effective and efficient - as a salesperson, myself, I *hate* spending time in BORING sales training workshops. But I LOVE learning when the people teaching me GET IT: my time is valuable - give it to me straight, quickly, and in a way that INSPIRES ME. Thus - Mind Spark Sessions. Your team won't even have to leave "the field" of selling to learn!

If I'm singing your song, visit http://www.ColdtoGold.com, and sign up your new hires in a Mind Spark Session (webinar). If they report back they love it, enroll the whole sales team! Try it out - I guarantee you'll get the bang for your buck. Even your salespeople who aren't "order takers" will learn some new ideas that will grow their sales, too.

Cheers! ~ Scott

P.S. - For a limited time, I'm offering corporate sponsorships for Cold to Gold. If this might apply to your firm, drop me a note at info (at) ARRiiVE [dot] com.


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