Sep 17, 2009

$190-Million Antibody

Are you working on an antibody? Perhaps you have a company focused on bio tech solutions, and either need help with your launch, business growth, or perhaps even an infusion of cash.

Whichever the case, ARRiiVE Business Solutions might be able to help. I'll share a crazy story that just might inspire you to contact me:

While updating my Facebook self help group (AspireNow), Facebook offered me a chance to type in "captcha" words proving I'm human and not a spam-bot. Normally, these words are totally random and mean little or nothing.

But these two words stood out like a total "aha" moment to me:

$190-Million Antibody

I decided to act upon this information. I posted a discussion group at AspireNow. And, now, I'm posting an ARRiiVE article inviting people working on antibody solutions to contact me.

Now, mind you, I've never worked on an antibody. I don't really know that much about science. In fact, science is probably my education weak spot (although I've been working to strengthen that knowledge). But, as someone who helps people launch products, companies, and services (see, this one stood out.

Perhaps a scientist is going to approach me in the next month, quarter, or year with an idea for an antibody that will help cure a disease or something. Or, perhaps a company will contact me to help them grow to the next level. Maybe they haven't launched yet, and need soup-to-nuts help to get off the ground. Whatever the case, $190 Million is nothing to sneeze at, no pun intended! Therefore, you're reading about it.

What random events of manifesting dreams are happening around you? Are you paying attention? Join my discussion on random events either over at AspireNow's Facebook group and share your experiences! Or, just comment on this article.

I know, it's a bit random and wacky, but isn't life like that sometimes?

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