Oct 16, 2008

Is Your Trademark Protected?

Are you running a business? Is your business BRAND important to you? Are you considering getting trademark protection for a brand or slogan?

If the answer is "yes" to these questions, you might want to consider looking into protecting your business name and slogans with trademark application and protection. It usually only cost $300 to trademark a name; however, you need to first do the research. I suggest you contact a trademark attorney to assist you. That will add a couple hundred to the tab, but it is worth protecting your name BEFORE you discover someone infringing upon your valuable brand!

Before you contact anyone, I can direct you to Garrett Sutton's useful page on trademarks to help you gain more knowledge to clarify how important trademarks ought to be for you. It can take 18 months to get a trademark approved, so don't delay!

Here's the link:

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