May 13, 2008

Leaving Keywords as FROM on Blog Posts?

I recently reviewed comments on a debate whether or not to leave keywords on blog posts over at ProBlogger. As someone who cares about methods to help clients grow their traffic, link back strategies are a vital component to that strategy. And, leaving comments on other blogs are a method to create link backs.

Have you noticed how some people will leave their site name, name and site name, or just name (see image - left).
Now, there are different reasons for each. Many people get ticked off when you just leave a keyword phrase. Such as "top chinaware" as your name. It is considered SPAM by many bloggers and they might edit out your post.
Therefore, I recommend against this strategy, even though it does give you a keyword link to your site.
Regarding the name, a poster, Tim B from Wordjot Newsletters, had this tip, which I recommend highly:
Use "Scott from AspireNow" as the name.
  • Gives a name so you know who it is
  • It indicates where the link will go, so it’s not such a mystery meat experience.
  • Gives a hint of your experience.
  • More memorable than just a full name.
  • Links the name with a website.
  • You can still reply to just the name. eg Scott@
I believe the best strategy is to put your name first, and site name second, or just your name. If you feel you MUST post a keyword, I would at least list my name first.

So, that's my feelings around this sensitive topic. Try not to SPAM people without adding any value to your post. I learned that lesson the hard way when I posted into a very active comment forum on a web design blog. Comment SPAM will get your traffic, but it might backfire into very negative traffic that will do nothing for your site. It is better to get specific traffic from a well-written post.

Take the high road when posting on other blogs, remember that content of your posting is STILL king when it comes to this type of activity.
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