Jul 23, 2007

10 Ways To Start A Company And Launch Your Big Idea

There are many ways to launch a company. However, most people who haven't yet launched their "big idea" often delay because of fears. Fears facing new entrepreneurs are often about the following:

  • Fear of lack of knowledge about idea, industry or type of company
  • Fear that money might run out
  • Fear of failure and possible embarrassment
  • Fear that the idea is a stupid idea
  • Fear they aren't smart enough to launch the product or service successfully

This list may continue, but you get the point. What in the world are we so afraid of? Of all the fears, the worst is probably analysis paralysis, where an entrepreneur waits for a magic answer to help them get beyond all the other fears. The truth of it? There isn't a magic answer. Instead, are some tried-and-true ways to start a company, live your dream, and get that great idea launched that are typically rooted in practical steps that just might surprise you.

From my research, I've determined the ways most entrepreneurs become millionaires is to utilize these basic steps to success:

  1. Vision.
  2. Faith.
  3. Action.
  4. Persistence.
  5. Simple Initial Design.
  6. Control of Finances.
  7. Good Marketing
  8. Good Product Design.
  9. A Team.
  10. Passion.

I've gone into more detail on each of these at my article at AspireNow (http://www.aspirenow.com/leader_0707_10_keys_to_start_a_company_successfully_and_launch_your_product.htm).

Consider that most successful entrepreneurs create their success, not because they are a genius, but because they've done their homework, pounded the pavement, and stuck with it long enough to figure out how to make their dream a success.

Do you have a dream? A product you wish to launch? Don't sit still on it! Take action. That's key to success! I did not include PLAN on my list, although it could probably be added to it, too. If you don't have a plan, take a day to create one. You can afford one day. And, if you can't, hire it out. We've helped people write plans that later enabled them to raise the money required to start their company. I think that when ordinary people come up with a new idea, and get excited about it, just about anything is possible.

Are you considering starting a company? Are you seeking help with product launch? Please comment on your own personal story of getting your dream started and help other entrepreneurs who read this.

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